Do Not Disturb, Tilly Bagshaw

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Guest Editor, Keryn O’Donnell

Love? Check .. Sex? Check .. Glamour? Check .. Luxury? Check .. Adultery? Check .. Revenge? Check!

With the story set in among the (slightly exaggerated) glitz and glamour of the hotel industry, and echoing the themes set out by the queens of ‘trashy chick\’ novels, Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper, Tilly Bagshaw\’s ‘ Do Not Disturb\’ contains all the delicious ingredients required to cook up a great girly read.

Bagshaw has created a complete cast of characters in the novel, some you love, some you hate, all you become heavily involved with as they play their vital part to create the tale, but the story primarily follows the trials and tribulations of two key characters – Honor and Lucas.

Honor Palmer is a hotel heiress and a woman in constant battle. Forced to take on what seems like everyone in the world (including her own father) to restore the precious family jewel, ‘Palmers\’. The neglected hotel requires all the passion and fire that Honor has to attempt to revive it back to its luxurious, five star status, complete with its old-school traditions embodying what a Hamptons Hotel should be. Honor plays the lead who you both empathize with and want to see succeed, regardless of her mistakes and errors in judgement throughout the course of the book.

Lucas Ruiz plays the poor boy from the slums of Spain, filled with intelligence, ambition and determination to be the best in the hotel business. His confidence, arrogance and position as manager of the new hotel on the block, The Herrick, in all its modern-chic glory, forces him into war with Honor from day dot. The sexy Spaniard adds his share of fireworks to the story, as he deals with his own demons, both past and present.

The hotel business gets downright dirty with Honor and Lucas embroiling in the most duplicitous behaviour in an attempt to take the other down and have their respective properties hold the spot as number one, all while still trying to maintain their own lives.

While a touch predictable, the story is one that captures your attention and ensures you turn the page to see what happens next. Easy to read, ‘Do Not Disturb\’ is the perfect novel for wasting away lazy summer days on the beach.

Available now: Hachette RRP$22.99


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