A Letter from Luisa, Rowena Mohr

| 19 January , 2010 | Reply

Guest Editor, Tina Gamble

It all started with one tiny insignificant thing – Jet Lucas.

Most of us have felt it – the indescribable insanity that comes with a deep crush. One minute you\’re going about your normal life, and then, out of the blue, your crush pays you the littlest attention and you\’re ready to do almost anything.

Well that\’s exactly how Luisa feels when Jet Lucas starts to notice her. It\’s like her Cinderella moment has finally come, and for a while she actually believes in the fairytale.

For one moment in time, it seems her life couldn\’t get any better. Her dream had come true. But when her world starts spiralling out of control and reality starts setting in, will Luisa get her fairytale ending or will it all end in disaster – explosions and all?

A Letter from Luisa by Rowena Mohr is the 16th book in The Girlfriend Fiction Series. An independent read that is light and fast-paced – perfect for teens looking for an amusing summer read. The story is about how one girl\’s crush spiralled out of control, causing a butterfly effect, which lead to the catastrophe that was the Motherwell High\’s Twilight Fete.

For teens looking for some light entertainment, and possibly, the knowledge that they are not alone in this world – we all do go a little crazy some times.

Available now:  Allen & Unwin $14.99


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