Hollywood Ending, Kathy Charles

| 20 January , 2010 | Reply

Guest Editor, Keryn O’Donnell

Quirky and eccentric, Kathy Charles\’ ‘Hollywood Ending\’ is the story of Hilda and Benji, two 17 year olds defining the term ‘social outcast\’. Hilda with her pink hair and tragic past, accompanied by the slightly creepy and off-putting Benji are L.A locals who spend their spare time seeking out the places with famous Hollywood celebrities have died in the most tragic of circumstances – not typical teenage summer holiday behaviour to say the least.

Their lives take a turn when their obsession sees them encounter Hank, a lonely old guy with secrets aplenty. Hilda befriends the old man and her views on life, death, friends, family and Benji all begin to transform rapidly. As Hilda\’s friendship with Hank develops, Benji\’s behaviour spins out of control and even as the reader, a feeling of distress takes over the story.

At first the ‘Hollywood Ending\’ didn\’t capture my attention completely, but as the story and characters developed I found it was impossible not to want to know what happens next and the seemingly strange story twists a warm, fuzzy feeling into its web of intrigue.

In ‘Hollywood Ending\’, Charles has produced an extremely well researched and intriguing tale that ends up being well worth the read for teens and adults alike.

Available now: Text Publishing RRP$32.99


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