The Secret Shopper Unwrapped, Kate Harrison

| 20 January , 2010 | Reply

Guest Editor, Belle from The Belle Lumiere

For most of us, Christmas is hectic at the best of times.  Christmas as a secret shopper trying to juggle life, a toddler, a toy boy, a criminal past, a hidden pregnancy, the mother in law from hell, business woes and a horrible ex husband is even worse.

The Secret Shopper Unwrapped by Kate Harrison is the story of three “secret shoppers” Sandie, Emily and Grazia and Sandie’s new assistant Kelly as they battle life and all that it throws at them during the build up to Christmas.

To be honest, I didn’t warm up to the characters initially, but as the storyline went on I started to find their flaws endearing rather than annoying.  The occasional pop culture reference made me giggle too.  (Tom Cruise stopping by to buy some home-made relish?  Hilarious)

The story itself was entertaining but the switching from narrators was rather jarring.  As soon as you really started to get into the story, the chapter finished and you were on to the next character.

All in all The Secret Shopper Unwrapped was not a book that I ‘just couldn’t put down’ but an easy, enjoyable read.

Available now: Hachette RRP$29.99


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