Barrikade Studio: anime eyes and pink clouds!

| 25 January , 2010 | Reply

Nadine Lambertz & Andreas Pietsch from Barrikade Studio are cool, clever and creative.  Boring description I know but their creativity just grabs my attention and I can’t articulate that!

Last week I posted their really cool fashion editorial they did entitled “Junta” which just popped off the page with their bright colours and sense of fun (except for the guns).

Well here are some more really clever editorials they have done, anime eyes are clearly on-trend right now, especially when the Queen of Attention Lady GaGa sported some recently for her Hello Kitty collaborative editorial.

Climbing ladders into pink clouds my kinda heaven … can you imagine if we could, they would be great thinking spots to just ‘be’ and look down on the world watching it all just buzz around frantically like it does!

And this simple concept with the addition of some colour and ribbon just grabs your attention.

What do you think?  Do you have any artists/photographers that really grab your attention?

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