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| 26 January , 2010 | Reply

212 years, man that\’s decently old don\’t you think? And yet this country of ours is still so fair. If nothing else, us beauty-nuts are celebrating this fact alone right?

All vanity aside, this is a day to celebrate. To do as Sam Kekovich commands and throw a lamb chop on the BBQ, say cheers over a Toohey\’s Extra Dry and bask in the fact that we call this sweet, beautiful, proud, blessed country of ours home (or as George Negus very UNAustralianly referred to as “possibly one of the Top 10 best countries in the world”, puh-lease!).

Before the festivities kick off, and you are absorbed in the Triple J\’s Hottest 100 count down I have one cautionary request. Please, please, please, for me, for you, for your skin, for God\’s sake – for Australia, please wear some SPF 30+ tomorrow!! Remember your SPF count only buys you more time in the sun. If your skin burns without sunscreen in about ten minutes, and you insist on wearing SPF 8, you only get 80 minutes of sunshine before you have literally filled your daily quota. It doesn\’t matter how many times you reapply. 80 minutes is all you will get. All. Day. On the flip side if you get into some SPF 30+ action, you will get 300 minutes of sun time before you\’re all done for the day.

Try Face of Australia SPF 30+ Tinted Moisturiser, $11.95, or Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear Anti-ageing Facial Moisturising Sunscreen SPF 30+, $32.

Hat, sunnies, long sleeves and some shade really wouldn\’t go astray either, but I won\’t push it. SPF 30+. Please. Cautionary rave over.

Happy Australia Day my fellow Aussies!


Love and musings,

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