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It doesn\’t happen very often, but once a year around this time I briefly drift off in to a fantasy land. I am 12 and innocently mucking around on the playground when a sassy young talent executive discovers my (as yet completely undocumented) acting potential, and turns me into a megastar. Why? So that I too could walk the red carpet – twice in one week! – at two of the world\’s most prestigious entertainment awards nights. Alas, the only thing discovered on the playground was that the tomato had made my sandwich soggy, and so once again, I am forced to live vicariously through people like these&

The Brows

There is no arguing this woman is genetically immaculate, but there was something about the deep emerald green of her dress, and the sharp quiff at the Golden Globe\’s last week that didn\’t quite sit right with me. Marion Cotillard has such a soft girlishness and this week she has really played that up. This vintage finger-waved up do is perfect for her, and the smokey eye gives her just the right amount of the sexiness she was going for last week. But those brows, lordy, lord those brows, they deserve a parade. Meticulously waxed and combed, and subtley yet perfectly filled in – this is brow art.

The Lips

It will come as no surprise that I\’m a big fan of Diane Kruger. He is hands down the scariest horror movie killer of all time, I mean those blade gloves and that sinewy skin, you have to admit he did horror proud. Oh. Kruger, not Krueger. Well, I\’m a fan of this Kruger too. A big one. To say this woman looks good is like saying the ocean is wet. It doesn\’t matter what you do, it will always be so. The mustard shade – while difficult for some – just makes her look like a literal sparkling gem, especially when expertly set off by the ruby jewels. Today however I\’m focussing my attention on those lips – aside from their ultimate (and seemingly natural, grr) shape and plumpness, she has absolutely slayed the lip colour. It\’s not quite matte, not quite gloss and high pigment with not entirely full opaque coverage. Worthy of religious imitation.

The Body (and skin)

Now THIS is a body that ought to strip off and appear un-photoshopped on the cover of marie claire. I love the way this woman rocks her curves. That said, last week there was a little too much Christina Hendricks for my personal taste, that bountiful cleavage was pouring out all over the place. This Carolina Herrera does her hourglass shape much more justice. Likewise, I loved seeing her firey hair out and about but – and I know this is being pedantic – it was a little flat on top for me. Needless to say I am ecstatic with this week\’s effort. Her hair is back off her face which is so complementary, and she\’s strayed from type by muting the lips and smoking up the eyes. Hearts all around. He skin is looking industrial strength luminous and very worth nothing. Though, that forehead is showing signs of reflector-factor, otherwise known as The Botox Giveaway. But she\’s 34 and a Hollywood actress, all the power to her!

The Hair

So I gave it some thought, and decided that I\’m OK with having two winners in the hair department, being that the gongs go to one up style, and down style. Like you care. Anyway, here the are. Drum roll please& Oh, Emma, just get on with it& Ms Drew Barrymore has smashed it right out of Yankee Stadium and back onto Manhattan with this backcombed winner. I\’ll be whipping this one out for, oh, every fancy event I attend for the next six months. (DB – and her make-up artist – ought to also be commended for the expert use of white eyeliner on the inner rim, and nude lippie).

For the long haired among you, I think you\’ll agree Penelope Cruz\’s locks are covetable. Thankfully her beaming orange tan from last week has faded, and left room for us to focus on her glass-like shiny hair. Smoothed, side-parted, straight hair (with some volume at the roots) and then a few twists of your curling iron will earn you this one.

Winner all round girls! Kudos!

What are your thoughts? Who nailed it do you think?

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