Michelle Trachtenberg has a bad girl Complex!

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Gossip Girl and Mercy gal Michelle Trachtenberg gets her sexy on with Complex Magazine’s February/March 2010 issue hitting stands on February 8.

Photographed By Danielle Levitt and styled by Anoma Ya, Michelle’s playing naughty and getting caught red handed at what I don’t know but hey we’ll go with it!

You can read Michelle’s honest interview over at Complex hear how she was made fun of and bullied at school (she’s certainly got the last laugh now, love it!) but I loved this, hilarious:

What’s the nastiest thing anyone’s said to you on the streets of New York?

Michelle Trachtenberg: It’s probably been more recent, since I’ve grown into my womanly form. You know, you’ll walk by a construction site and it’s like, “You kiss your mama with that ass?” What does that even mean? I don’t kiss my mama with my ass because it’s back there! My lips are up here, so that’s weird. It worked though, ’cause I turned around and was like, “What does that mean?!” So he won.

Behind the Scenes video:


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