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| 27 January , 2010 | Reply

Aside from my sartorial and cosmetic obsessions, my third love is travel – it is incidentally my other life, as an International Travel Consultant. So days when beauty, fashion and travel collide are as good as days in heaven for me.

Later this year, I am heading to the Greek Islands to celebrate one of my very best friend\’s birthday. The trip is months away, but still I have already begun having Vietnam flashbacks to the last time I went on a tropical holiday and packed 28 kilograms of clothes and products, most that I didn\’t use. While becoming concise on beauty travel is a whole new issue I will contend with later, this little beauty – Lyloh – caught my attention recently because it is the genius solution over-clothes-packing&

Brilliantly labelled the Outfit in a Box the concept was created by an enigmatic woman also named Lyloh. Who after wearing the same outfit as another woman one night, set out to create something she could chop and change with ease. Her only hurdle? No knowledge whatsoever of fashion design. The solution? Just make it a piece of fabric. And Lyloh was born. Made from breathable, natural fabrics and in vibrant prints, the idea is you can add heels of Havianas, belts of bangles, and everything or nothing to make the unique sarong your own.

The wraps are available in small, medium, large and extra large and come with an accessory pack including a buckle, elastics, stretch belt and pins – thus the Outfit in a Box. The packs cost from $44 to $64.

Visit their website for more information or to buy a Lyloh.

I know what I\’m taking to Greece. 151 Lylohs. Or is that defeating the purpose?

Love and musings,

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