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As much as I love them, the fashion seasons can be very, very frustrating. With the exception of our own fashion week, usually what we see coming off the catwalks is about a year away from being relevant on Aussie shores. Which is why, I love finding a trend within the upcoming seasons, that can be easily adapted in the now, so help satiate our fashion cravings.

In last year\’s Spring/Summer 2010 shows the Proenza Schouler was easily one of my top three shows. Aside from the hair and make-up, I adored the little dashes of neon colour throughout the collection&

Visual cue:

Alright, I\’ll concede that this is not exactly a “dash” it\’s more an all out drenching, but I love this look from the show, I simply couldn\’t skip it. The shoes, however, illustrate my point with their little dashes of neon.

While we\’re waiting for the SS10 items to be available (whilst also pretending we can afford it when it is), I\’ll be cracking out one of these Ice-Watches. Check out these turbo flouro watches – they remind me of Baby Gs, but for grown-ups (who dig a big of brightness). I\’m going to be wearing the pink one, with black skinnies and a black tank, Revlon Luxurious Lipstick in Orchid Beach $25.95, heaps of bronzer and a pimping pair of pink heels! They\’re $129, to check one out for yourself go to

Will you get your little dash of neon on??

Love and musings,

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