The Pissed Off Parents Club, Mink Elliot

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Tina Gamble

Are you PI**ED OFF with your:

A) Progeny? B) Partner? C) Poor, pathetic excuse for a life?  Maybe your PI**ED OFF with all 3!?!

Well, why not get it off your chest at the inaugural meeting of THE PI**ED OFF PARENTS CLUB?

When? Wednesday, May 5

What time? 8.15pm (so you can catch Corrie first)

Where? The Swan

Why? Well, why not?

Alternatively, all the details of the POPC can be found at your local bookstore, when you pick up Mink Elliot\’s new fiction novel, The Pissed Off Parents Club.

Roxy is a first-time mum. Jack is Roxy\’s partner, and on occasion, emotional punching bag. Joey is their progeny, a baby girl, often mistaken for a boy.

Having left London for a fresh start and a new life, in the quiet little town of Riverside, Roxy finds herself struggling to cope with parenthood, boredom, loneliness and the alienation from her family and friends.

After trying – unsuccessfully – to make some friends in the towns pre-existing ‘mother and baby\’ groups, Roxy decides to start up her own group. The Pissed Off Parents Club, where parenthood isn\’t sugar-coated and members can kick back, relax and release their frustrations on some likeminded listeners, and perhaps, down a glass or two in the process.

Elliot\’s book is a fun read that will draw readers into Roxy\’s world, and make you feel like you\’re really there – sharing in her frustrations, mishaps and empathising with her ordeals.

Roxy is one of those characters that grows on you throughout the story, so if you don\’t take to her straight away, keep reading – besides the other characters in the POPC will more than make up for anything she lacks.

Not being a parent myself, I was pleased to find that Elliot writes in such a way that she effectively conveys all the feelings and issues that come with parenthood, so that I could emphasise with the main character, without having actually gone through the process.

The Pissed Off Parents Club is a humourous look at the world of a pissed off parent. Elliot\’s novel provides an original and enjoyable read, which will have you, both smiling and shaking your head at the same time.

Due to the resounding success of the 1st PI**ED OFF PARENTS CLUB meeting last week, we\’re going to do it all over again! And this time, YOU should come along too.

BYO cash, cigarettes, issues.


Available now: Hachette RRP$22.99


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