Separation City (2009)

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Directed By: Paul Middleditch andWritten By: Tom Scott
Starring: Rhona Mitra, Thomas Kretschmann, Joel Edgerton, Danielle Cormack, Les Hill
National Release Date: March 4, 2010

Separation City is a relationship film that explores the challenges of committing to married life. Set in picturesque Wellington NZ, we are introduced to a group of married friends who, having been married for several years, each find themselves at interesting junctures in their relationships.

With one wife announcing that she is a lesbian, and many of the men in the group suffering from sexual frustration, each couple\’s ability to stay loyal to their marriage becomes truly tested.

The dutiful Simon (Joel Edgerton), struggling with the demasculinising impact of discovering that his wife no longer finds him sexually desirable, soon finds himself caught between his loyalty to his family and his sexual needs, when the beautiful Katrien (Rhona Mitra) becomes available.

Katrien is vulnerable after having discovered her husband in bed with a student, and finds herself immediately attracted to Simon\’s gentle and loyal nature, placing her in a complicated position. If she is to pursue the affair, she knows that she will be ruining the very core of what attracted her to Simon, as well as risking her friendships with the other women in the group; and she herself would be no better than her love-rat husband.

As the two struggle with their attraction for each other, the audience is equally caught in the emotional dilemma – on the one hand wanting Simon to find happiness, on the other not wanting his world to crumble as a result. But, as in life, you just can\’t have it all without a few consequences.

Apart from the fine performances all round, what makes this film special is its excellent use of comedy to leaven the emotional drama. Writer Tom Scott, known as a satirist in his homeland New Zealand, injects a string of comedic moments that will be embraced by Australian audiences. Australian actor Les Hill steals the show with his sardonic appraisal of a sexless marriage, sex in general, and the real purpose behind men\’s group.

Separation City is a film that really connects on a variety of levels. It is a truly enjoyable film which offers intellect, humour and compassion in equal parts, and is a must see for those seeking a grownup relationship film spiced with real emotions, laughs, and insight at the right times.



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