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Something has been niggling at me since I saw this picture of Lindsay Lohan from last fortnight\’s Golden Globes after party shots&

It took me a little while, but finally it hit me. How can someone who has skin like this&

Ever looked like this&

I mean this woman is in her early 20s and in the middle image she is cracking some serious fine and permature lines, pigmentation, congestion, a lack of tone, dullness – she is the exact opposite of an Olay advertisement. But in the second image she is the very picture of radiance. No she is not perfect, but that\’s sort of what I love about it. There are a plethora of Hollywood women blipping harder and faster on the radiance radar than Lindsay (hands up Diane Kruger and Camilla Belle), but I would venture to say that even with no make-up, and a hangover, first thing in the morning a picture like this not-so-awesome one of Lindsay could not be taken of those women. That is why I find it so inspirational. This is for those days when you wake up and fear that you skin has seen its best days and it\’s all downhill from here, because if Lindsay can come back from the bring and put a face like this forward, so can we!

No doubt there is a great deal of make-up expertise going on here, but she\’s not caked out. You can still see her freckles, and there are signs of those dark circles peeping through. Point being that to showcase this kind of radiance with only sheer coverage cosmetics, some serious effort must have gone into the skin itself to achieve this result.

Radiance is sort of like a relationship; you have to build the foundations and then committing and putting in effort to building on those strong foundations& and both fare well after a good session in the sack, but that\’s another story. To work towards radiance there are 10 steps, sort of like AA, even down to the fact that alcohol should be avoided here too, but that\’s a whole other kettle of fish. Of those 10 steps, there are three main contributors to radiance. I considered focussing on the Key Three but decided that would only be half of the story, and that can be misleading. Imagine if someone only told you the first half of Little Red Riding Hood, you\’d go away thinking it was a lovely tale about a little girl in a smashing red cape who skipped through the forest to go see her Grandma. When in fact said Grandma, and Little Red Riding Hood were eaten by a sinister talking wolf. Misleading right. Anyway, enough about other stories.

Step 1: It\’s What\’s Inside That Counts

Good skin begins on the inside. Our skin is our biggest organ, and one of the best indicators of internal strife. If you look tired, it probably means you are. So eating fresh foods, drinking loads of water and getting eight hours of sleep a night are a great place to start.

In addition, there are a couple of things you can ingest to get some bonus skin points:

Blackmores Radiance, $64.95 for 56 tablets

Effectively a vitamin for the skin, Blackmores Radiance\’s label really speaks for itself. It\’s a day and night tablet designed to provide 24 skin support. Loaded up with vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, lutein and lycopene Radiance targets free radical damage, and improves skin moisture levels and elasticity. Each box comes with an eight week program, I am only four weeks into mine, and have already noticed a smoothing of the skin, fine lines are smoothed out and even the texture and colour has improved.

Red Tea, $7.90 for 100 tea bags

Full of antioxidants and caffeine-free Red Tea (or Roobois Tea) has been renowned for centuries for its skin nurturing benefits. Rich in antioxidant Super Oxide Dismutase, Red Tea tackles free radicals and helps turn back the aging clock. Roobois has been used to treat pimples, acne, sunburn and South African tribes used to bathe in it to relieve dry skin. It tastes sweet, and sort of nutty, but it can be found in flavours like vanilla, almond, mango and apple cinnamon. I used the tea bags on my eyes to reduce dark circles.

Step 2: Cleaning Up

You all know how I feel about cleansing, it\’s totally underrated and absolutely necessary. Nothing radiance inducing will work without you first cleansing your pores. So clean up:

Biore Clean Things Up Nourishing Gel Cleanser, $16.99

I\’m really digging this cleanser because as well as cleansing the skin it also completely removes make-up, you can even use it on the eye area to remove eye make-up. The vitamin E beads in the formulation dissolve on contact with the skin and soften the skin, while cleaning out those pores ready to receive serum/moisturiser goodness.

Nutrimetics Brighten Purifying Cleansing Gel, $44

The first step in Nutrimetics\’ Brighten range – which is actually quite sensational – is the Purifying Cleanser, which simultaneously cleanses and conditions.

Step 3: Scrub\’s Away

The first of the Key Three steps I mentioned earlier is this one, exfoliation. Scrubbing away allows for the greatest possible penetration of the products to come. I find chemical exfoliants are the most nurturing because the slough just like exfoliants with beads in them do, but physical exfoliants can be dangerous because of the beads aren\’t perfect spheres they can actually damage the skin. Scrub off with:

Dermalogica Microfoliant, $83.50

This is one of Dermalogica\’s hero products. An almost fun powder that turns into a cream cleanser when mixed with water, it contains Dermalogica\’s Skin Brightening complex. In using this one I have found the key is to massage this in for one minute every time you use it, and to use it at night before your serum and night cream.

Nutrimetics Complexion Refiner, $52

Complexion Refiner is Nurtimetics version of Microfoliant, a rice powder to crème liquid exfoliant that gently reveals the skin beneath. This is gentler than Microfoliant, which could be good for sensitive skins.

Step 4: Mask-erade

Masking is really important when you\’re on a Radiance Mission. Two in particular I have found to provide profound help in the area:

EmerginC\’s Vitamin C + Retinol Mask, $68

Dubbed “the date mask” because it gives noticeable results in just one application, EmerginC\’s mask is clay-based and boosted with Vitamin C, lemon Juice, Green Tea and Retinol. I love using this one a twice a week, it delivers a warmth and tingle that you can actually feel and a freshness and vibrancy you can see instantly.

Clinique Turnaround Radiance Peel, $110

If there is one product on this page you take home, make it this one. This once a week system is one of the best renewal systems I\’ve used in years, delivering similar results to a Glycolic Peel only more gently. It\’s a two phase system, starting with an ampoule of intensified clarifying lotion to reveal new skin, followed by a Calming Cream to soothe the skin. And the ingredient list speaks for itself: Salicylic Acid, Acetyl Glucosamine, Lactobionic Acid, Rice Bran Extract, Salvia Sclarea Extract Ferment and Chestnut Extract.

Step 5: Hit The Salon

In salon treatments are not essential but really are a great way to top up all your efforts, particularly in the lead up to a special event. Some worth trying : Priori CoffeeBerry Yoga Facial, Omnilux Light Therapy or Sothys Professional Peeling.

Step 6: Get Some Tone

Some people don\’t believe in toning, but I think given the little shade of foundation that usually ends up on the cotton ball is a perfect indicator that it does clean up the little last bits of grit on the skin. Try: Nutrimetics Brighten Clarifying Lotion, $44 or Clinique Clarifying Lotion, $36 – $52.

Step 7: Serum-ously Worthwhile

Serum application is the second of the Key Steps. There are loads actually targeted towards brightening, and after all of this exfoliation a good serum will really penetrate and deliver results. For serum-ously radiant skin I like these:

Pelactiv Precious Oils, $41

These can be used as a vitamin loaded serum or you can mix a couple of drops into your day or night cream for a bit of a kick, they hydrate and nourish like barely anything else and offer almost instantaneous glow. Chock full of Apricot Kernel Oil, aitamin A, Native Peppermint Gum extract, Avocado and Bois De Rose Oil, Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil, Precious Oils are excellent to use in conjunction with another serum.

Elizabeth Arden Intervene Timefighting Radiance Serum, $108

I could continue going into serum-ious (alright I\’m done with that one now) detail about serums, but you know I wouldn\’t be writing about it if it wasn\’t good, and this one is especially great because it offers two bonus purposes in that it\’s a great pore minimiser and can also act as a make-up primer.

Nutrimetics Brighten Brightening Serum, $65

Since I\’ve included the rest of this range, I figured why stop now. Lotusine evens and refreshes the skin tone, and targets pigmentation while you sleep. Proven to improve pigmentation by 50% and brightness by 51% in 28 days.

Step 8: Rise the Moisture

Clearly I\’m running out of steam given the lameness of that heading, so I\’ll delve right into Night Creams, which is incidentally the third of the Key Steps.

Pelactiv Nightly Rejuvenator, $77

Super thick and hydrating this one will lead you to touch your skin like it\’s the first time you\’ve seen it. Lactic Acid is the quarter back here, and liposomes increase penetration of the ingredients during the night.

Palmer\’s Night Cream, $12.99

Is a bargain first off, but with a full ingredient list! Shea Butter, retinol, peptides and milk proteins. Excellent for texture and tone.

Step 9: It\’s In Your Eyes

A brightening eye cream is excellent for the much suffering under eye area. Try: Biore See The Future Fortifying Eye Cream, $19.99.

Step 10: Is All About Make-up&

& But I\’ll save that for another day!

What are your radiance tips?

Love and musings,

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  1. Guest says:

    Blackmore’s Radiance is a 28 Day Program (Morning/Night)

  2. Camille says:

    Love this article! Really great tips…Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is one of my all-time favorite products…makes me feel like I just had a facial every time I use it 🙂 I’ll have to give Red Tea a try!

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