Sweet Little Lies, Lauren Conrad

| 1 February , 2010 | 2 Replies

Kimberley Santos, Pop Couture

One may easily dismiss Lauren Conrad, made famous for her ‘roles\’ in Laguna Beach, which then led to the Hills. Anyone could easily judge her as just another reality star wanting to extend her 15 minutes of fame and, if not music, why not writing? But that would be a mistake, as with this follow up novel to her first in LA Candy – she proves she\’s here to stay (as author, and clothing designer).

Lauren returns with her second book Sweet Little Lies, catching up where we last left off with LA Candy – where scheming Madison has whisked Jane away to Mexico to escape the tabloid scandals of her being caught in a tryst with her boyfriend\’s best friend. Only Scarlett, Jane\’s best friend knows that Madison is not who she\’s pretending to be.

The adventure continues with the scandal still having a ripple effect on the four girls, with the tension between Jane and Scarlett as the show, and all its superficiality drive them apart. As I read this, as well as LA Candy – whilst its classed as teen fiction, and its written in that easy to read style – I couldn\’t help but keep thinking of her friends on Laguna Beach and the Hills, and wondering who ‘Madison\’ represented, or who Gaby would be(my thoughts are Audrina).

LA Candy, and now Sweet Little Lies brings reality TV and all that glitters is faux into the spotlight. There\’s always been criticism – which is arguably fair, because of the fact that how ‘real\’ can it be when there are cameras around during the most mundane times of the day, or on a date, or at work? On the flipside, of course when cameras are around conversations will be a bit forced, or scripted in order to promote a certain image.

It reads light, and has the appropriate amount of fluff with a liberal dose of very descriptive brand names, labels and hot L.A hangouts which surely will entice anyone to again want what Jane or the author (Lauren) prefers to wear, as America\’s sweetheart. I can say the stories within the first two novels definitely will leave me hanging waiting around for the third one, recently officially named as Sugar and Spice.

Available now: HarperCollins RRP$19.99


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  1. Tammerly says:

    Oooooh! I would LOVE to read this novel!!

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