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Ever had a dream or idea that you wished could become a reality? Well, now you have the chance to make it so with Engineers Australia.

Most people, including Engineers find it difficult to explain what engineers do exactly, so to raise awareness about the important job that engineers do, which is basically to make things so, Engineers Australia has launched a competition, aptly called, ‘Make It So\’. It\’s all part of a campaign to involve everyday Australians in the world of engineering and create awareness about what they actually do, in a fun and interactive way.

On February the 16th Engineers Australia will be calling on us Aussies to submit, our dreams, wishes or idea’s.

Chief executive of Engineers Australia Peter Taylor says “The ideas, wishes and dreams submitted can be simple or profound, lofty or practical. No idea is too big or too small. From ‘make it so my couch heats during winter\’ to ‘make it so I can fly to the moon\’– any dreams can be submitted and we urge all Australians to get involved”.

Throughout February you will be able to see what people would like to be ‘made so\’ via the website. Visitors can also vote for and comment on other entries. Engineers Australia will then select the most interesting and valuable submission and one idea will be ‘made so\’ by an engineering team.

If you\’re stuck for some inspiration, what about this one? Make it so I can teleport straight from my wardrobe to the shops and back again at any time.

Otherwise, a pair of ruby red slippers that take you straight home when you click your heels together instead of never being able to find a cab in Sydney!

For more details visit: www.makeitso.org.au.

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