MUSINGS: A Beauty Apology

| 2 February , 2010 | Reply

Muses, I owe you an apology. Because I know you, like me, love nothing more than to be in on a latest release beauty product. Even more so if that product is only on sale for a limited time. So when I tell you that due to my carelessness you have missed one day, of a total seven on sale days for a new kit cosmetics nail colour, I understand if you\’re thinking about breaking up with me. But please believe that I can change! I can, I can. I\’ll prove it to you. Next Monday I\’ll be here to tell you about the next installment in these one-week-only nail colours. And the Monday after that. And the Monday after that. But not the Monday after that. Not because I don\’t love you, but because there\’s only four colours. Promise.

Anyway, here is this week\’s delicious limited time (as in until February 7 limited) only nail colour from kit cosmetics.

Poolside Party, $15.95 a playful apple green. Get it online only at

Love and musings,

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