Pureology: Hair Colour with a sustainable Conscience

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Hair Colour and environmental sustainability don\’t usually go hand in hand, but Pureology\’s revolutionary brand of professional colour care is a different story. In April 2009, Pureology formed an exclusive alliance with Green Cross International to help foster a sustainable future, starting with the salon industry. Pureology is committed to spreading the sustainable message and is proud to announce its partnership with Green Cross Australia, just under a year since its introduction into the Australian professional haircare market.

Established in 1993, Green Cross International is a non-government organisation that unites the efforts of 31 Green Cross affiliate countries, to address the world\’s most critical environmental challenges.

In line with the sustainable goals of Green Cross international, Pureology is all about organic botanical ingredients, patented Zerosulphate formulations and 100% vegan formulas. Pureology also continues to look for ways to improve its packaging and formulas, conserve water and reduce waste in its manufacturing practices, and help foster a more sustainable future.

Through its partnership with Green Cross International, Pureology will be reaching out to thousands of potential supporters via the services industry, leveraging a community of salon professionals and encouraging each Pureology salon to become an official member of Green Cross International. This also means that the sustainable message can be passed on to clients through Pureology salons.

To complement this, Pureology will be promoting awareness and education on sustainability through its Education network and an online micro-site containing valuable information and the Pureology sustainability roadmap. The goal is to cultivate a respect for our environment and change people\’s mind-set on how they treat it.

Pureology\’s preliminary sustainable initiatives include:

  • Launch of annual trade advertising campaign to raise awareness on water conservation
  • Drive fundraising by urging individuals and salons to become a PureGreen Individual and PureGreen Eco-Conscious Salon Members
  • Build awareness through supplementary content on www.pureology.com.au

These avenues will allow PUREOLOGY to generate specific awareness in sustainability and water conservation practices to its salons, clients and consumers.

So go on, give it a whirl. It\’s good for your hair and good for the environment. Win, win!

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