A Touch of Dead, Charlaine Harris

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Tina Gamble

The Sookie Stackhouse Stories

Everybody\’s favourite waitress is back and coming along for the ride are some of your favourite characters to wrap up some missing loops, and add some fresh fun to the series.

A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris is every fan’s must-have collective of all the Sookie Stackhouse short stories. A light and easy read for not just fans – as although each short story follows one of the novels – the stories are all light and mostly independent from the series. ‘One Word Answer\’ and ‘Gift Wrap\’ are the only stories that may require a little background to fully understand – though it\’s not entirely necessary.

There are 5 short stories all up, ‘Fairy Dust\’, ‘Dracula Night\’, ‘One Word Answer\’, ‘Lucky\’ and ‘Gift Wrap\’.

‘Fairy Dust\’ focuses on Sookie working with fairies Claudine and Claude in an attempt to find the person responsible for killing their triplet, Claudette.

Being a fan of the series, I was particularly taken by ‘Dracula Night\’, which follows Eric as he prepares Fangtasia for the celebration of Dracula\’s birthday.  It is a light story, which shows off Eric\’s more charmingly boyish side, and though a quick read, it was an entertaining break from the novels.

‘One Word Answer\’ ties into the series, as Sookie finds out about her cousin Hadley\’s death. In this short story, Sookie sees the arrival of a half-demon, his vile driver and mystery guest. Amongst this party Sookie must seek out some much needed answers, while relying on her cunning to deceive a killer.

‘Lucky\’ draws on witch Amelia Broadway, as she and Sookie play sleuths, in order to find out who is sabotaging the local insurance agent\’s.

And last but not least, ‘Gift Wrap\’ takes place at Christmas time, when Sookie is feeling alone and a little sorry for herself. This story intertwines her great grandfather, a mysterious wounded werewolf who appears on her land and the gifts that Christmas brings.

All these stories are admittedly, mainly non-consequential in relation to the series as a whole. Having said that, this collection is still a fun, light and frivolous way of breaking up the novels. For any fan, they are a must. And all those newbie\’s it is a good way of getting a light taste of the world that is Sookie Stackhouse.

Available now: Hachette RRP$29.99


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