MUSINGS: Rihanna Changes My Mind About Two Things

| 4 February , 2010 | Reply

When you\’re a real fashion lover, clothes can actually make you feel. We know flattering clothes make you feel confident, sexy. And expensive clothes make you feel frustrated. Trackie dacks make you feel comfortable. But, from time to time, particularly during a fashion show, I find myself actually emotionally reacting to clothes.

I happened upon such an occasion last year during Spring Summer 2010 fashion weeks at the Viktor and Rolf shows&

& What do these gowns make you feel? Aside from making me feel sorry for the person who had to gut-wrenchingly chainsaw chunks out of Viktor and Rolf couture. And obviously accounting for several decades worth of profit for all the tulle mills in the galaxy. These gowns made me feel& uncomfortable. It\’s something I can\’t describe, but I literally can\’t look at the for too long. They make me squirmy. It affected how I looked the entire collection. Which despite being several shades of sensational, overwhelmed me a little.

But, in true trendsetter form Rihanna has changed my mind about them. Perhaps it was just the Amazonian women wearing them, or the otherworldly atmosphere of a catwalk show, but they seem less harsh in the real light of day. In one fell swoop Rihanna has also knocked me feelings on frostiness. Usually I feel the only thing that should be frosty is slushies. Least of all cosmetics. But this frosted green, grey, silver eye is just magical. I think it\’s her skin tone that really pulls this one off. For those of us with slightly less Barbadian melanin, several swipes of a spray tan gun may be in order to pull this off with such aplomb.

My sources tell Me NARS make-up was used to create this look, which isn\’t surprising given that lit-from-within glow. Here\’s what make-up artist Mylah Morales used to create this look for Rihanna:

  • NARS Orgasm Illuminator (available 8th March 2010 exclusively at Mecca Cosmetica)
  • D. Gorgeous Single Eyeshadow (available 22nd February 2010 exclusively at Mecca Cosmetica)
  • Ophelia Lip Gloss (available 22nd February 2010 exclusively at Mecca Cosmetica)
  • Casino Bronzing Powder
  • Barbarella Lipstick

Is there a celebrity who manages to shake the foundations of everything you so firmly believe?

Love and musings,

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