Playing the Field, Zoe Foster

| 5 February , 2010 | 2 Replies

Carla Caruso, Diamonds & Whirls

There is reason to feel a tad green-eyed towards Zoe Foster. She\’s been the beauty director at Harper\’s Bazaar, she used to date rugby spunk Craig Wing& oh, and she\’s the author of no less than three books. Three, I tell you!

Still, when you\’re immersed in one of her frothy, fun tomes, you realise why the sun shines a little more brightly on her side of the street – she\’s witty, clever and a great storyteller.

Her latest offering is chick-lit novel Playing The Field, which draws largely from her own experience as a WAG with former boyf Wing (‘WAGs\’, as in ‘Wives and Girlfriends of Elite Sportsmen\’.) Though, of course, it\’s a fictionalised tale.

Still, some comparisons can be drawn with Foster\’s own life. Like that the author grew up in NSW\’s Southern Highlands before moving to Sydney. Similarly, her character, Jean Bennett, is from out of town – albeit, the Gold Coast – and struggles with getting accustomed to the bright lights of the city. On top of that, she\’s thrust into the WAG world by new squeeze, footballer Josh Fox. (In real life, Foster dated Wing for eight years and is now single.)

For me, this book had a bit of an Aidan/Mr Big conundrum (to use a Sex and the City analogy). There are two leading men in Jean\’s life and I\’m not sure she winds up with the right one. Just my opinion, of course. Still, there are enough twists and turns to leave you scratching your head like a love-confused teen.

Throughout the book, there isn\’t too much focus on the footy code either. I mean, it\’s obviously relating to rugby, but I wonder if there wasn\’t a lot of emphasis, so it would still appeal to a broader market, like those in the AFL-loving states and soccer-mad Europe. Which makes sense really.

Playing The Field is a cheerful, entertaining ride, full of tangerine tans, blonde hair extensions and newspaper scandals. I finished it in mere days, often staying up past bedtime to get through a few extra chapters! (I\’m a big fan of the short-style chapters too.)

At the end of the book, Foster even thanks her cat, Meowbert, “for sitting two millimeters from my keyboard at all times, your big, ridiculous eyes watching me adoringly as I thumped keys”. Way cute!

Indeed, I\’m looking forward to the next installment from Ms Foster!

PS. Watch out for the cameo from Hannah Atkins, the character from Foster\’s debut novel, Air Kisses.

Available now: Penguin RRP$32.95


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  1. Tammerly says:

    Yay I also must get my hands on this! I have a signed copy of Air Kisses which I hope to start reading soon

  2. Marlo Perry says:

    I can’t wait to read this!
    I’m still reading Air Kisses, I hate finishing good books too soon so I like to drag it out.
    Zoe’s such a good writer, so I’m sure it’s fabulous.

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