Madonna\’s Louis Vuitton Ads Before And After

| 6 February , 2010 | Reply

Now this post is not about bagging Madonna in any way, from my perspective they show why we do need photoshop to inspire us!  These pics are the before and after shots of Madonna for her Louis Vuitton’s Autumn/Winter 2009  campaign.

I loved the final images I posted last year, they were creatively different and when you look at the before and after shots, which images do you find more appealing?  Yes the final campaign images because seriously how ridiculous does Madonna look in those bunny ears?

And to be honest her new Dolce & Gabbana campaign images that have been released are more aesthetically suitable to her than the Louis Vuitton campaign images!

So this is why I love the glossy world, but I do know it’s not real, I look at real life everyday like we all do so the glossy world is something just to escape too – it’s fantasy and escapism – so why does everyone take it so seriously?  Except of course when it’s overshopped and looks ridiculous and we need to be responsible to our younger audiences!


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