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I was introduced to the La Mav Organic Skin Care range late last year through the creator Taj Mavi on twitter.  Taj kindly sent me a box of their products to try and I have been using them for a couple of months and it is the first time I’ve used organic skincare on my face.

Taj warned me to introduce the products slowly so that I didn’t get any reactions to my skin but me, I’m a Leo and we don’t do that!  So I introduced them all at once as a whole new regime and I didn’t get any reactions whatsoever, so this was a big bonus.  My Beauty Queen Reviewer, Tammerly has also been using the products so we will provide our reviews below, but before I do, I wanted to give you a little bit of background on the brand.

La Mav Organic Skin Science launched in September 2008 as the first Australian-made, anti-age skincare range certified by the Organic Food Chain after three years of research & development.  Australian business woman, Tarj Mavi created the range because she felt there was a gap in the market – many brands claim a product is ‘natural\’ when they contain little to no natural ingredients and Tarj aimed to create a brand with 100% active ingredients. La Mav is now stocked in over 50 stores nationally.

Sam’s Review:

I received my box of La Mav goodies in a gorgeous box and I was overwhelmed, there were so many products and I am used to a much simpler regime but I worked out a routine that was as simple as possible incorporating all the products.  I definitely saw an improvement using them, my skin looked plumper, clearer, less stressed looking and as mentioned above, I didn’t break out which was something that happens to me if the products are too rich.  It also took me a little while to get used to the smells, they are natural organic smells and my current regime at the time was either scented or completely unscented (I prefer unscented) but it grew on me.

I absolutely loved having a pump toner, never used one of those before, you can spray it on your face directly or onto a wipe to tone your skin after cleansing. The packaging for the range is fantastic to be honest, I really loved having the pump bottles, that means the product itself is protected from our dirty fingers and won’t get oxidised as quickly as a jar or bottle.

The Cleansing and Toning process was quick and easy, the cream cleanser was nice and thick, easy to spread and removed make up quickly and easily.  As I said above the pump toner gets a big thumbs up.

My favourite products were the Rosehip Oil, and Antioxidant Skin Booster, I really love putting these products on my skin overnight (I didn’t put them on at the same time, Rosehip was a couple of times a week) to hydrate my skin.  The Hydrating Mask was a winner, very easy to put on and doesn’t suck your face dry.  It did cause breakouts but I can assume that was a good thing because it’s bringing toxins to the surface, this did settle down as I used it more regularly.  I also agree with Tammerly’s comments below on the Eye Repair Gel being more of a liquid than a gel and too much squirting out of the bottle, I haven’t used eye creams for a while so it was nice to treat my eyes (I know, I know, I told you my regime was really simple).

As mentioned I was also used to a more simpler regime but I got used to it, each product did something different and even though I was layering products onto my skin, it never felt too heavy so Taj has definitely got her formula’s right.

My only constructive feedback is not having the SPF in the everyday moisturiser, I mentioned this to Taj and she said that we need to apply it 3-4 times a day but majority of girls/women using a daily moisturiser are working indoors five days a week so the need to reapply sunscreen 3-4 times a day is not needed, in my opinion so it added an additional task and layer to the routine which I would prefer not to do.

And the only other constructive feedback I had was colour coding the night and day routines because it\’s hard to find them quickly, I’m always in a rush so I like my routine to be quick and simple and that includes labeling, I would much prefer to see Day Moisturiser, Night Moisturiser.

But overall the La Mav Organic Skin Science range is a 4.5 / 5 for me!

Tammerly’s Review:

I was super excited to try La Mav after having seen it advertised and meeting Taj on twitter as well. My products arrived beautifully wrapped and the packaging looks fresh and clean. All packaging is recyclable (bonus), and each product comes with directions (double bonus) in case you are unsure of its use in your regime.

I have been using La Mav\’s products for about two months and it has been worth the wait, let me tell you! How have I ever managed to live without it? The texture of my skin is silky-smooth, it feels soft and plump to the touch and reacts well to the products.

La Mav OFC Certified Organic Refining Toner ($39.95) This has got to be one of my favourite toner lotions! It would definitely make my top five for many reasons; the product smells beautiful, the toner feels great on the skin, the packaging is attractive, the pump-action spray is perfect, and most importantly, the spritz spray contains the best pump spray I have ever used! With three spritzes the toner drenches my face, without having to spray like crazy (and not on the floor) as I usually experience with other toners. La Mav, please never discontinue this product – or the packaging!

La Mav OFC Certified Organic Cranberry Bio-Exfoliator ($64.95) is one of my must-have exfoliants.  It contains exfoliating cranberry beads and other exfoliating properties that gently polish the skin and really work to remove build up on the skin such as dead cells and makeup grime – sayonara, whiteheads!

La Mav OFC Certified Organic All-in-One Line Smoothing Serum ($124.95) is another firm favourite (pardon the pun). The scent is light and my skin sucks it up in a jiffy. The pump releases the perfect amount of product each time.

La Mav OFC Certified Organic Eye Repair Gel ($62.95) is more of a liquid than gel formula and while the product disperses a bit too much each time, a little bit spreads a long way (and so I rub the excess on my hands). It feels comfortable on the skin but does not absorb as well as expected.

La Mav OFC Certified Organic Night Repair Formula ($94.95) is a beautiful formula that glides on the skin and absorbs quickly. My skin is normal/dry, but it is a good consistency and not too rich, so it can be used throughout the year. It smells organic and refreshing and my skin loves it!

AND La Mav have a Valentine’s Special for you which is perfect timing for you to try the products for yourself:  they are giving 25% off the whole range for 4 days only – offer finishes 4.00pm Tuesday 9th Feb 2010.  So quick, get over to their website and get your order in.  Add the code: LM-VDS101 to the Discount column and press Update .

All products are sold in selected specialty beauty and health retailers and spas across Australia. For more information including a comprehensive list of products, pricing and stockists visit their easy to navigate website

Sassi & Tammerly
Your Beauty Queen Reviewers

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