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NW Magazine recently launched their new look site and asked a few fashion bloggers to discuss celebrity fashion and you know me I’m always happy to have a chat about celebrity fashion!

What is the most worn item of clothing in your wardrobe? My maxi-dresses, working from home during the summer I really miss having air conditioning so I’m living in my maxi-dresses, they are cool and comfortable in this heat and humidity!  Although mine are definitely not as glamorous as these maxi-dresses!

It\’s Oscar night and you can be dressed by any designer, who would you choose? I would have to go with an Australian Designer and my dream designer is Alex Perry, he’s Australia’s Red Carpet Designer Dress King.

What trend are you tired of? To be honest, I know this is going to be sacrilegious but I’ve totally hated the whole Ankle Boot trend … with a passion, that’s all I can say!

If you could give any celebrity a makeover, who would it be?

Poor Lindsay Lohan, she not only needs a style makeover, she needs a life makeover. She certainly didn’t win in the parents club, they are too focused on themselves and not giving her the love and care that she so desperately needs. Growing up under the glare of the media, you need a strong family support circle around you and it’s clear she doesn’t have that, her mother wants to be more famous than her and her Dad is in and out of gaol, you can only but have compassion for her.

Who is your celebrity style icon and why?

I’m not a big fan of the word icon, it’s overused but my celebrity style queen would be a tie between Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Aniston, (I am pushing to try and keep things Aussie) both Cate & Jen carry off a mix of smart casual style and glamour effortlessly.  The only big fashion faux pas that I recall Cate making was that Romance was Born crochet dress, Granny-Chic they called it and Jen keeps her colour palette very neutral, we rarely see her in colour but she pulls it off every time.

What are you three favourite blogs?

Girl With a Satchel, This is Glamorous and Trend de la Creme.

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