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If you haven\’t already made the sweet-smelling acquaintance of Weleda\’s all-natural deodorants, then now is the time to do so because they\’ve got a special promotion for everyone. Weleda\’s products have long reached a cult status for their effectiveness and refreshing aromas of earthy Sage, purifying Citrus and lush Wild Rose.

Weleda\’s Sage Deoderant is a combination of organic Sage, Tea Tree Leaf oil, Lavender oil, Rosemary oil and Thyme oil. Together, these natural ingredients purify the skin and prevent and neutralise unpleasant body odours caused by bacterial action. Weleda\’s Sage deodorant (100ml) is now selling for $19.95 (until stocks last) instead of its usual price of $23.95 as part of their exclusive promotion.

For something incredibly refreshing, there is also Weleda\’s Citrus Deoderant. This blend of biodynamic Lemon Peel and Orange has immediate invigorating properties and serves as a purifying disinfectant. This breath of fresh air is also retailing for $19.95 until stocks last.

Another option is Weleda\’s Wild Rose Deoderant, which combines the luscious scents of Wild Rose, Neroli and natural herbal extracts. The pure Essential oil from organic Rose Leaf also works to refresh and tone the skin whilst cleansing away impurities. Under Weleda\’s special promotion, this feminine fragrance is now retailing for $23.95, instead of its usual price of $27.95.

All these deoderants neutralise odour-causing bacteria the natural way. The formulations combine a mixture of purely indulgent essential oils and are free from anti-perspirants such as Aluminium Salts, which are known to interfere with the natural functions of the skin.  The deodorants are also dermatologically tested for efficacy and skin tolerance so they can be used as often as needed throughout the day.

Moreover, all the deodorants are free from synthetic additives, including fragrance, colour or preservatives and made without raw materials derived from mineral oils. And because they are packed in a non-aerosol bottle, they are easy to use and care for the environment to boot!

So go on, get a move on because these specials are only available while stocks last!

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