The Winter House, Nicci Gerrard

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“When Marnie receives a phone call that summons her to the side of a once-beloved friend, she is wrenched from her orderly London life and sent back into a past from which she has fled but never escaped. Ralph, Marnie and Oliver once knew each other well and are still inextricably bound by ties of love and betrayal. Now they meet again in Ralph\’s secluded cottage in the Scottish highlands, to spend the precious days that Ralph has left with each other. As they reminisce, Marnie is taken back to the summer years ago when everything changed between them and heartbreak and desire broke up their little group. Will Ralph have the chance to say what needs to be said before it\’s too late? And can they put the devastating events of twenty years ago to rest and rekindle the intimacy they once shared?”

The Winter House is beautiful and touching story of life, love and true friendship.  Nicci Gerrard has created a wonderful set of characters that have a true sense of strength and warmth.

As a reader, you are taken on a poignant journey through Marnie’s life with her best friends Ralph, Oliver and Lucy.  The story alternates between present day, where Marnie and Oliver are tending to a dying Ralph in ‘The Winter House’ and then back through their teenage and formulative years.  The earlier memories are shared through stories that Marnie replays to Ralph as she cares for him in his final days.  Ralph’s memories are sometimes included in the form of his thoughts, which gives an interesting insight into his character and a different perspective on the relationships between the four friends.

Because the book is so beautifully written, and the memories are so moving and descriptive you truly feel like you are living alongside the characters.  Being so involved in the story makes reading The Winter House a wonderful experience, but I have to admit that after the feeling of growing up and sharing memories with Ralph, it makes it all the more hard to say goodbye at the end of the novel.

The Winter House was a really captivating book, and I found that I couldn’t wait to get back into the story every time I had to put it down.  I would definitely give it a second read in the future, just to see if I get anything new out of it.  I will be recommending this book to my friends in the future.

Available now:  Penguin RRP$24.95


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