Fruit D\’Eclat: Ella Baché\’s Organic Tomato Pulp Range

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Ella Baché\’s latest beauty range called Fruit d\’Eclat is picked straight from the loins of Mother Nature and boasts an exclusive active ingredient from organic tomato extract. The range consists of Fruit d\’Eclat á la Tomate Bio moisture protective and Fruit d\’Eclat with organic Tomato Facial Treatment.

Fruit d\’Eclat is a 99% natural miracle worker and takes its inspiration from the glowing young girls of Hungary who applied sliced tomatoes to their cheeks to purify their skin. Ella Baché created a revolution when she was the first to use a fruit based acid moisturiser in 1936 and continues to hone in on the powers of natural ingredients to feed our skin.

Ella Baché\’s moisture protective (RRP $105) homecare product is a powerful combination of natural and radiance enhancing ingredients, including Ella Baché\’s exclusive active ingredient from organic tomato pulp. Used for its burst of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the organic tomatoes leave skin naturally revitalised and brightened.

These positive effects are consolidated by the flavanoid goodness of other organic fruits like apricot, orange, grape and mulberry. Carrot extracts are also used for microcirculation and oxygenation, whilst Shea Butter, sesame oil and squaline are used for their moisturising properties. Topped off with Radiance C Ampoules, this moisture protective combats stress and climatic variations which show up on our skin. It is also free from artificial colours and is fragrance free.

To take the Fruit d\’Eclat experience to the next level, there is also the Fruit d\’Eclat with Organic Tomato Facial Treatment (RRP $110). This treatment provides deep oxygenation, revitalises the skin and stimulates all five senses. Leave your stresses behind as you allow the earthy, natural aromas from the warm aromatic press to instantly relax and balance your mind and soul. Cleansing is followed by exfoliation with rice powder and quinoa to smooth the skin. Then organic tomato and luscious oils are applied to the skin to inject a generous dose of vitamins, nutrients and oxygenation and the micro-zest of fruits and kaolin in the mask illuminate the skin. You\’ll be left with fresh, hydrated and radiant skin.

Fruit d\’Eclat product and Facial Treatment is available from March 2010 in Ella Baché salons and David Jones stores nationally. For stockists call 1 800 789 234 or visit

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