Cabbie-Oke: a taxi with in-built karaoke

| 18 February , 2010 | Reply

Cabbie-Oke/ kab-eeh-oh-kee/ … sound like your definition of fun? Mine too!

Thanks to Telstra, there are five pimped out Cabbi-Okes rockin\’ around the streets of Sydney and Melbourne offering free rides, a karaoke sesh and awesome prizes to boot! Not to mention disco lights, outrageous costumes, Microsoft\’s ‘Lips\’ karaoke playing on the latest Xboxâ„¢ 360® technology, 500 watts of sound system fun and a 32 inch flat screen.

All the back seat shenanigans will be recorded on an exclusive YouTube channel where bands can relive their moment in the spotlight, share their clip with friends and have their friends vote on their favourite videos.

And if you\’re voted as one of the five best performances for each Cabbie-Oke round, you\’ll score your very own customised Cabbie-Oke Xboxâ„¢ 360®. But if you find it hard enough to flag down a normal, boring taxi, just vote for your fave entries online and you could win a Nokia E71 Next Gâ„¢ mobile phone from Telstra.

Ready to get your idol on? Keep your eyes peeled every Friday and Saturday night for the three Cabie-Okes in Sydney and two Cabbie-Okes in Melbourne for the next five weeks.

And to suss out the competition, visit or

So if the back seat\’s a rockin\’, do come a knockin\’!

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