Pop Tart, Kira Coplin & Julianne Kaye

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Tina Gamble

‘Make a wish and hold it true and I will help make your wish come true&\’

Young make-up artist Jackie O\’Reilly has always dreamed of making it big in Tinseltown, but she never believed her time would come. Until she meets a girl who guarantees her life will never be the same &

16-year-old Brooke Parker is bubbly, charming – and about to become the world\’s most famous teenager. On the verge of pop superstardom, Brooke draws Jackie into a world of flashing cameras and screaming fans.

But Jackie soon finds out that fame has its dark side. Forced to juggle the egos of Brooke\’s entourage – from bitchy stylists to a manipulative manager – everyone is obsessed with preserving the wholesome image of brand Brooke. At whatever cost.

Then Brooke starts to rebel. At first her bad-girl antics earn her even more column inches, but when her partying brings Brooke\’s demons to the surface she beings to fall apart, taking Jackie with her.

Jackie is forced to learn the rules of showbiz the hard way when her friendship with Brooke is put to the ultimate test. Will she be yet another casualty of Brooke\’s insatiable appetite for fame?

Or can she save herself – and Brooke?

Kira Coplin & Julianne Kaye, have come together to create Pop Tart – an addictive story about surviving in a world of utter chaos. This novel will draw you into the world of celebrity and fame – giving you the highs and lows, and everything in-between.

Jackie\’s tale is one heard so many times, but through the joint efforts of Coplin and Kaye, Pop Tart brings to life – and reality – an honest look at the obsession of fame and power. Drawing on the whirlwind and the drama, the story explores the very choices that will either lead to Jackie being pulled under, or perhaps – just perhaps – escaping with her sanity and heart still intact.

A book that will stay with you for years to come – Pop Tart is a delicious read – full of glitz, glamour, betrayal and power. It is ‘the perfect recipe for heartache\’ and about finding yourself in a world where ‘true\’ friends are hard to come by and fame is an obsession.

‘Contrary to what outsiders and newcomers thought, Hollywood is the easiest place to fall in love. There are many ways – with a handsome stranger, with opportunity, even with yourself.\’

Available now: RRP$17.95


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