Dove Facial Cleanser range gets a makeover

| 25 February , 2010 | Reply

Using the right cleanser for you is so important, that\’s why the new look Dove Facial Cleanser range features five products catering to your different skincare needs. However, what they do have in common is their unique balance to effectively cleanse your skin, whilst maintaining your skin\’s delicate moisture balance. The result is soft and supple skin that you can feel and see.

The new look range has also been revitalised with new eye-catching white packaging and welcomes two new additions, Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser and Dove Go Fresh Citrus Facial Cleanser.

Unlike harsh cleansers which leave your face feeling and looking like a desert, Dove\’s range is a mild moisturising cleanser, which gently lathers and cleanses away impurities. One of the secret weapons is glycerin. Many of the products in the range are formulated with this incredible, water retaining ingredient. It acts like a sponge in the driest layers of the skin where it intercepts and holds water, so your skin is left hydrated and supple. Petroleum jelly consolidates this process by shielding the skin\’s surface like a protective coating. This way all the moisture stays where it is needed most and you reap the benefits.

Each product in the new look Dove Facial Cleanser range retails at $6.99 and is available in supermarkets and pharmacies now.

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