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The lovely Mia Wasikowska (pronounced Vash-i-kov-ska) is just everywhere and I thought we’d continue to celebrate her Hollywood success with another post seeing as they had the world premiere of Alice in Wonderland in London (today our time, Thursday UK time) where she walked the Green Carpet in a gorgeous Valentino Couture Gown.

Mia was interviewed for Australia’s Sunday Telegraph glossy magazine Sunday that came out Sunday 21st February. She was interviewed by Joanne Hawkins and photographed by Georges Antoni.

Mia, daughter of photographer Marzena Wasikowska and visual artist John Reid and the middle child of three (younger brother and older sister) is close to her family, inside she shares:

Between acting jobs she returns to the family home in Canberra: “I still have the same room I’ve had my whole life”

To land the role of Alice, she had to fly to London three times in as many weeks, she said: “I had no body clock and was starting to feel delirious”

Girl most likely, why she think she’s succeeded where so many others have failed: “It’s such a random thing, right time, right place, luck, yes and a lot of hard work as well, I don’t know, it’s a mysterious industry.”

Comparisons to her namesake Mia Farrow and cutting off her hair: “I was happy to cut it off, I’m sure people would have liked me to keep it in its Alice state, but I’ve had hair down to here for the past two years” she says, pointing to her waist. “It’s great not to have to do anything with it in the morning and I was also happy to donate it to Locks of Love who make wigs for kids (who’ve lost hair through illness).”

After the madness of Alice in Wonderland, Mia will start as the much loved literary character, Jane Eyre in Cary Fukunaga’s adaption of the Charlotte Bronte novel.

Here’s to another talented Aussie and her star continuing to rise and shine brightly!

Images scanned by me

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  1. elan says:

    Thanks for the scans. I just finished reading the interview, she sounds so down-to-earth, not the type of person who’ll let fame go to her head. With her talent and work ethic she has the potential to have a long career.

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