Australian Harper’s Bazaar April 2010

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Australian Harper’s Bazaar April 2010 issue is on newsstands today and it’s an Aussie beauty, the pages are bursting with fashion news and fashion pictorials starring a plethora of Aussie identities, some of which I have scanned in to show you here.  It’s worth picking up so I’m not scanning everything in!

First up we have Mia Wasikowska, I revealed an exclusive of Harper’s front cover last week and now I can show you the inside editorial with Mia.

Inside we also have the Final Interview with Alexander McQueen and what we’ve all been waiting to see, the Fashion in Wonderland pictorial featuring iconic designers, talent and locations with a Disney-Inspired theme with the special guest creative director Edward Coutts Davidson.

Fashion in Wonderland features; Emma Lung in Beauty & the Beast photographed y Georges Antoni; my favourite Teresa Palmer as Alice in Wonderland photographed by David Mandelberg; Li Cunxin as Sinderella photographed by Simon Lekias; Sophie Lowe as Snow White photographed by Kane Skennar; Sydney’s Fashion Fraternity star in Fantasia photographed by Harold David; Natalie Imbruglia as Minnie Mouse photographed by Chris Searl (sitting on top of our Opera House, never been done before); Michelle Leslie & the Bra Boys as Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves photographed by Stephen Ward (am not keen on this one to be honest, I don’t like what the Bra Boys advocate so haven’t put it in) and finally Rachel Taylor as Cruella De Vil as 101 Dalmations photographed by Jordan Graham.  I’d like to mention my friend Marlo, is a spotted dalmatian in the background!

As I said, it’s an awesome issue and well worth picking up this month!

Images scanned by me (if you choose to use them please credit back to this blog).

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  1. Marlo Perry says:

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the Bra boy one either.
    I think Michelle Leslie was washed out and Koby really stole the shot.

    The fantasia one was a bit busy for me, too.

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