I Am Not A Serial Killer, Dan Wells

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Tina Gamble

‘There was a new monster in town, it seemed – would its presence awaken the one I kept hidden?\’

John Cleaver\’s not your average teenager – fifteen, a mortician, and a sociopath, with a decidedly different interest – serial killers.

Most of your average teenagers would count it lucky to have never witnessed a dead body. John, however, would consider it a severe disappointment – fortunately for him, his mother and aunt run the town mortuary.

With a vicious murderer stalking the town, tearing his victims to shreds – John tries to gain control of his darker impulses, in order to defeat the monsters that plague the town and himself – even if by doing so, John may never regain control again.

Dan Wells novel I Am Not A Serial Killer is an exhilarating and darkly comic read that brings new life to teen fiction. It is original, bold and, at times, viciously gruesome, but all in all, rather addictive.

Wells introduces a darkly compelling character that will draw readers into his mindset and create an intriguing look at the world through the eyes of a fifteen-year-old sociopathic boy, on the hunt for a killer.

I Am Not A Serial Killer is a perfect read for teens wanting to take a step out of the norm, without delving too deep in either the horror or paranormal genres. Touching briefly in both, while displaying some wicked humour, gory details, and vicious descriptors, Wells novel is a light read that will intrigue, disgust and amuse, all at the same time.

‘& It would not be the last. That was, after all, the defining trait of serial killers: they kept on killing.\’

Available now: Hachette RRP$19.99


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