Evidence, Jonathan Kellerman

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Andrea Parks

Serious investigation into a serious crime is what we get in Evidence. In this, his 24th novel in the Alex Delaware mystery/crime thriller series, Jonathan Kellerman is an expert, and well, he\’s written 24 bestselling novels&need I say more?  He smoothly sets the scene with a grisly crime and promptly moves his detectives to work on the business of solving it.

Milo Sturgis, homicide detective and Alex Delaware, psychologist, immediately get moving to find out who killed and posed two bodies, one male and one female, in a not-so-subtle, compromising position. The two victims are found in an ugly, ostentatious, and unfinished mansion in a high-end gated community in Los Angeles. Totally deliberate, and totally nasty.  The male victim, Desmond Backer, is traced to a recently defunct architectural firm that was not only highly dysfunctional but highly unproductive. The colleagues Desmond Backer leaves behind are suspects. His employer, Helga Gamein, is a most interesting character whose oddly anti-social and unfeeling demeanour makes her the favourite suspect.

Not so fast! Seemingly simple to start, the plot seriously thickens. Desmond Backer has a semi-sordid past that includes many ex-lovers and a possible involvement with eco-terrorists. The other victim is finally identified as an old girlfriend with similar ties. That, combined with the nature of the murder, sends Milo and Alex off in a few different directions. Jealous lover? Eco-terrorist? Endless possibilities.

A whole new realm of possibility is introduced when the conspiracy of silence surrounding the owner of the mansion is broken. The owner turns out to be as wealthy as a pharaoh but hasn\’t been seen for years, secreted off to his family\’s country somewhere on the other side of the world. Once this truth surfaces, the investigation shifts yet again. And as the threads from all different directions start to get pulled in tighter and tighter, the industrious Milo and Alex get closer to the murderer. Diligent and methodical, both work almost as one throughout the investigation. And I start turning pages faster and can\’t stop reading&

This was my first Alex Delaware novel and I was wondering if I would miss out on something by not having read the earlier books in the series. Not the case at all. Although the relationship between Alex and Milo is clearly based on a rich, shared history – and this makes me want to find out how they arrived at this juncture, after 23 previously solved crimes. Fans will enjoy this story and readers new to this author will find it thoroughly satisfying.

Available now: Hachette RRP$19.99


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