Book Reviews: Meals Men Love, Lana Vidler

| 2 March , 2010 | 2 Replies

Samantha Singer

“It\’s official…the way to a man\’s heart is through his stomach”; or so says Lana Vidler, author of Meals Men Love, the light blue cook book that takes us back to the 1950s and right back into the kitchen.

Now, I love to cook and I love to cook for my boyfriend. Yes, it is tough deciding what to make as I\’m never sure if he\’ll be fond of the recipes that often appeal to me. Enter Meals Men Love. Vidler\’s recipe book is divided into Breakfast (which according to Lana many men don\’t seem to like or have the time for); Light Meals, Finger Food and Entrees; Soups; Salads & Sides; Sauces & Marinades; Main Dishes; and Desserts & Biscuits.

While the recipes are basic enough to follow and produce rather tasty food, it\’s the book\’s little extras that sets Meals Men Love apart from other recipe books on the shelf. Vidler has catered for the clueless chef, recommending which sides and desserts best complement each main and for the utterly confused cook, she has set out a basic guide to catching a man in three courses; giving twelve different dinner options of either three-course-meals or mains, sides and desserts. Using her recommendations, along with her simple directions to cooking steaks, using butter and understanding serving sizes; cooking has never been easier.

Based on the success and hype of her book, Vidler\’s soufflé star is rising perfectly but on sidelines, the feminist argument that the book\’s marketing is sexist and that it\’s not the responsibility of the woman to cook for her man is rising too. What\’s important to keep in mind though is that simple to follow cook books as such are getting us all back into the kitchen for a home cooked meal, as opposed to the take-out and freezer meals that some have become so accustomed to.

I tried out a few recipes for the boyfriend\’s birthday and they went swimmingly (see pics below)

Overall, I\’d say Vidler did a great job creating a book of quick, simple recipes that are suitable for couples both young and old (as well as families).

My culinary challenge was sampled by not only the boyfriend but my parents and 16 year old sister. While unsure if they liked the sausages or not, everything set before them (for each course) was devoured!

Our dinner went like this:

Bruschetta: Because I Love You  p.30 (The favourite)

Spinach Salad: p.52 (Refreshing with the surprise of bacon bits, meant to be served hot but I served it cold)

Saucy Sausages: p.100 (The combined flavour of curry powder and tomato sauce was very interesting and a tad confusing to the palate)

First Dinner Lemon Tart: p.158 (Delicious served with vanilla ice-cream but the base was a bit soft)

To Try Next Time:

Strawberry Surprise        p.170 (the surprise is they\’re hollowed out with nutella inside! shh)

Available now: Meals Men Love RRP$19.95


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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    It does sound fun … you can borrow if you like for the column 🙂

  2. Marlo Perry says:

    That sounds like a great idea for a book! 😀

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