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| 2 March , 2010 | Reply

Emma Bradshaw

I still remember the first time I logged on to Scott Schumann\’s revolutionary and now much imitated site The Sartorialist. Like a shameful many things in the past I was late to get on The Sartorialist bandwagon, but that fateful first day I was passionately hooked. I spent all day clicking through image after image until I had seen them all. At the end of that day I felt sartorially inspired, in awe of the photography, like I had travelled the globe and in possession of a newfound penchant for scarves and bicycle riding

As a devoted lover of books when I got my hands on a hardcopy version of The Sartorialist I have to say it is a real pleasure to be able to flick through Schumann\’s images rather than click through.  A great deal of thought has clearly gone into the order of the photography, and it succeeds in really creating a mood. Schumann\’s strengths lie in capturing people naturally, making incredible use of light and in his knack for style.

As a writer I often wish the website has more words, I\’d love to hear about what led to each photo being taken. While the book doesn\’t go quite that far Schumann does enlighten us every couple of pages with a paragraph about the subject, it brings a new level of enjoyment and understanding to his work.

The book may feature some of its subjects – particularly Giovanna Battaglia – a little too much, and I would have liked to have seen more of people such as our own Christine Centenera, but overall this is a book you will flick through with infinite pleasure for years to come.

Available now: Penguin RRP$49.99

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