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Keryn O’Donnell

Having not read the first instalment (I Heart New York), I was apprehensive about jumping into I heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk with no background knowledge – fortunately this was no problem at all. With enough background knowledge served up about both the plot line and the characters, you feel instantly at home by the end of the first chapter of I Heart Hollywood.

Angela sounds like a normal girl from the get-go. She has been burnt by love in the past, has embarrassed herself profusely in major social situations, and has those early relationship nerves and jitters that aren\’t always depicted accurately (or at all) in female fiction. So when she is offered the opportunity of a life-time in her career – to go to Hollywood for a week and interview the latest, greatest and hottest male celebrity of the moment, it takes the thought of having to see an ex when he flies into her new hometown, to leave the new boyfriend at home and flee to the land of glitter and lights to embark on the task at hand.

With best friend in tow, Angela heads to Hollywood where she quickly learns that it isn\’t all glitz and glamour like she had fantasised. While Hollywood seems to be nothing but pretentious, a nice contrast arrives in James Jacobs, the heart-throb himself. Down-to-earth and friendly, James and Angela become fast friends and as we see everyday in the real-life media, suddenly a story is spun. Instantly Angela\’s world is thrown into chaos as she is quickly trying to defend herself to anyone and everyone – especially her boss and of coarse the beautiful boyfriend.

While it is a slightly predictable storyline, it has been teamed with some crazy-yet-relatable characters and a few funny situations including a happy ending, Lindsey Kelk is able to whip up a light, buttery-sweet novel in I Heart Hollywood for easy consumption with her witty writing that really hits the chick-lit spot.

A good giggle guaranteed.

Available now:  HarperCollins RRP$24.99


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