That Loving Feeling, Carole Matthews

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Keryn O’Donnell

Ever reached a point in a relationship where you become TOO comfortable with your partner? Where the spark and magic seems to have simmered away into bland, monotonous, every day life? Ever dreamed of having that ex who shattered your heart into a million pieces suddenly reappear in your life, begging for forgiveness and desperate to have you back? That Loving Feeling by Carole Matthews is written for women who love a good girly read.

Well Juliet Joyce, married for 25 years to husband Rick, mother of two problematic children, and silently suffering the turmoil of her mother moving in with her family after her parents separate and father announces he is gay, has her world turned completely upside down (more so) when her past love returns to her life after abandoning her at the altar many moons ago.

With the dramatic reappearance of Steven in her life, it\’s hardly shocking that Juliet is thrown into the dilemma of trying to work out the difference between her head, her heart and all the craziness in between.  While the answer to the reader seems obvious (we love you Rick!) let\’s face it, if it was you it would probably be a case of easier said than done.

You can\’t help but feel Juliet\’s pain on her emotional rollercoaster to sort out the mess that is her life. Given she has been stuck in a rut for far too long, feeling unappreciated and worn out, she is a great character for any mother who is exhausted and slightly underwhelmed with her own life to relate to.

I did find it frustrating that Steven was allowed to breeze back into her life as easily as he did, given the pain and embarrassment he had caused her when they broke up, but this just cemented my desire for Juliet and Rick to sort themselves out and get back on track.

Poor Rick, a lovable character with such innocence in his bumbling actions, Tom and Chloe are spoilt and hard to warm to, while Juliet\’s parents are both great characters that help build the feeling of chaos that surrounds the family.  These guys, teamed with a few other key characters help to build the story and add much of the drama and twists to the plotline.

Overall That Loving Feeling is an easy-on-the-brain read, good to curl up on the lounge with over a quiet weekend.

Available now: Hachette RRP$29.99


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