Fabulous Mag: Welcome to Wonderland

| 6 March , 2010 | Reply

I know the world has gone absolutely Alice in Wonderland crazy, and one reason why I really like it is because it’s really really girlie even though this version of Alice is typical Tim Burton and a bit darker (I haven’t seen it yet but this is what I’m hearing), it’s still really girlie and to me that’s just heaven!  We get to see fairytale outfits and enchanting, fun pictorials!

Fabulous Mag in the UK (News of the World) has styled a gorgeous fun & girlie fashion pictorial entitled Welcome to Wonderland, photographed by Shawn McDonnell and photographed on location at Hever Castle in Kent using local brands such as ASOS, Topshop, New Look and more.  This fashion pictorial captures the girlieness of Alice but also the darker side that Tim Burton is depicting in his version!


Have you been to see Alice in Wonderland yet? What do you think?

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