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I\’d love to say that I am very clever and managed to find a subtle parallel between the actual Golden Age and the cosmetic industry, making that headline witty and expertly premeditated. Sadly the fact is I mean less golden in a metaphorical or Grecian sense, and more golden in the way Juno might say it. And I mean it in reference to these lovely celebrities repping loud and proud, and shining golden, for their respective decades, don\’t you think?

The Teens

I know, I know, I should be taking this list seriously right. But seriously, look at him! If he\’s not doing teenagers the world over, who is? Criminally beautiful. In the most masculine way of course.

The 20s

There were loads of contenders in this category (hands up Leighton Meester, Kate Bosworth, Blake Lively and Amanda Seyfried) but there can only be one winner. Unless we\’re talking about a blueberry pie eating contest, because everyone wins in that instance, obviously.  The most golden of the 20s is undoubtedly the luminous Camilla Belle. She\’s so understated, never over done, natural and lit from within.

The 30s

Kate Winslet would have won in her age category throughout for her whole life; this woman has been glamorous, sculpted, statuesque and classic from the womb. I\’d know I was there. (Shout outs to Heather Graham who seems to never age, and Drew Barrymore who in complete contrast to Kate Winslet brings some youth to her 30s look)

The 40s

What is that they always say about a woman\’s right to change her mind? Oh that\’s right that we\’re allowed, whenever we want. Baring that in mind there are two winners in the 40s category. And believe me I struggled with this for at least 10 minutes before giving up and eating some Crunchie ice cream. Then deciding it\’s a dead-tie and they both have to be included. Both Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore impress me with their ability to rock long arse hair well into their 40s. The trick for both of them is the naturalness to their hair. Yes Demi occasionally cracks out some pin-straight locks, but for the most part they\’re well conditioned and loosely tousled. This is also Jennifer\’s trademark. The two of them have perfectly preserved skin (I\’ll concede Mr Bo Toxilus has been helping them out here). That said they both know exactly how to play up their features and never commit that cardinal sin of overloading your face with make-up to hide those initial lines. Kudos ladies, kudos.

The 50s

Absolutely no contest here. One Ms Meryl Streep slays the competition in this category. Her looks at the Golden Globes and the SAGs blew me away. The ultimate combination of obviously caring for her skin, but also respecting the aging process. Props lady.

What was that? You want some product and skincare tips on how to be equally golden in your teens, 20s, 30s and beyond? Well maybe you should stay tuned to Musings because maybe, just maybe that info will be in a future post (hint: it will).

Love and musings,

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