Remember Me

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Keeva Stratton from Quip Creative

Directed by: Allen Coulter
Starring: Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper

If you\’re partial to films that take you on an emotionally charged journey and delve (at least superficially) into existential debate, then Remember Me offers what you are after.

Starring Twilight\’s famed Robert Pattinson as troubled student Tyler Hawkins and Lost\’s Emilie de Ravin as the emotionally strained Ally Craig, Remember Me explores the challenge of living in the moment while caught up in the aftermath of personal tragedy.

As a love story, the immediate connection between Tyler and Ally is realised through their common ground of personal loss. They share a battle with themselves, each other, and their respective fathers (played by Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper), as they attempt to find normality in an otherwise emotionally skewed existence.

Ally deals with her damaged perspective on life by eating dessert first, just in case she doesn\’t make it through the meal, and Tyler responds by vacillating between physical exertions of violence and spates of mental anguish. The evolving character development is  at the very core of this film, propelling the plot from point to point.

For Robert Pattinson, this step outside the comfort zone of the fantasy genre must be characterised as somewhat hit-and-miss. While his emotional connection with the character is strong and fitting, his trademark brooding could perhaps have been toned down for this real-world tale.

A highlight was the fine acting skills evinced by Chris Cooper. His intense-yet-believable portrayal of a father, whose struggle to release his daughter into the world that so harshly claimed his wife, is first class. Emilie de Ravin also produces a likable character in Ally, capturing her offbeat charisma well.

New York as a city is presented in a romantic pre-9/11 state, which is a welcome reminder of how majestic a city it really is, but it also leads me to question the choice of the film\’s conclusion. I am being deliberately coy here in tap-dancing around potential spoilers, but those who take the time to see this film will understand and may feel equally confounded by the choice.

Remember Me provides a much needed alternative to the fluffier films that have recently populated our screens, offering us a more direct take on the drama of human loss and recovery. If you\’re looking to indulge a little in an emotional journey, it\’s a good choice, but don\’t go alone – the company of friends is a must for a post film pick-me-up.

In cinemas now.


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