Superstar Barbie turns 51 with a makeover

| 10 March , 2010 | 2 Replies

SuperStar Barbieâ„¢ made her debut in 1977 with her long feathered hair, hot pink satin gown, boa and famous diamond jewelry. She was a favorite among young girls in the 70’s.

In celebration of Barbie’s® 51st birthday, Mattel have unveiled a  modernized version of the original SuperStar Barbieâ„¢ giving her a fresh glam look (would we call this a Heidi Montag makeover?)

The 2010 SuperStar Barbieâ„¢ wears a short version of her original dress, pink platforms and capped version of her original boa. And the new SuperStar Barbieâ„¢ continues to sport a dazzling set of stud earrings, drop necklace, and the legendary diamond ring.

And to celebrate Barbie’s 51st birthday (9th March) the SuperStar Barbieâ„¢ will be available for US$3 just for a week at retailers nationwide across the US.

I hope we’re not going to see as many celebrations as we did last year, that’s just too much Barbie time even for me!  But I think my favourite collaboration has to be the Christian Louboutin, MAC and we can’t forget Barbie’s Malibu house!  Okay, that’s three, it’s hard they were all good collaborations!

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  1. ceebee says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Mattel repaints/repackages all of the Barbies just to keep the money flowing to their pockets.

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