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Tammerly Holmes, Pink Diva Beauty

Huni skincare by Comvita is quickly becoming one of New Zealand’s leading skincare brands. A natural skincare line that is safe for your skin and mindful of the environment, huniâ„¢ ticks all the right boxes. So, does it actually contain honey, I hear you ask? The answer is yes:  each huniâ„¢ product contains UMF®20+ Manuka honey, which is known for its hydrating, calming and antioxidant benefits.

Manuka honey contains potent antioxidants that catch free radicals before they damage the skin. UMF®20+ Manuka honey and many other nutritional natural ingredients from around the world work together to provide you and your skin with safe ingredients which smell divine, work to prevent anti-ageing, and actually work! The packaging is fun too with themed packaging shaped like honeycomb (hexagonal lids and bottles) in greys and yellows, making it easy to find in the cupboard. Most of the packaging is re-usable and all packaging is recyclable (something I expect from brands).

While many brands on the market claim to be ‘natural’, the Natural Products Association requires a product to contain at least 95% natural ingredients. huniâ„¢ formulations are at least 99% natural and are free from parabens, mineral oils and SLS.

Thanks to huniâ„¢ I have had the lucky task of trialling the brand and I am really excited to share my thoughts on the brand because I have had such a positive experience with the products. Huni skincare has opened my eyes and made me less judgmental about trying the new brands which hit the shelves.

huniâ„¢ Anytime Lip Treatment (RRP $15.00) is excellent value for money. The squeeze tube with lip applicator is a winner, yet the formula is so unusual – it feels like tiny beads of sand when I apply and rub my lips together, but when I pop it on my fingertips, I don’t notice it. The coverage is generous and slightly glossy, so it can be worn as a clear gloss too. Anytime Lip Treatment is not sticky so your hair will not stick to your lips. The scent is light but not reminiscent of honey or cinnamon like the rest of the Huni range.

huni™ Anytime Toning Mist (RRP $29.00) smells great! You can really smell the honey in between spritzes. It is cooling, refreshing, and great for a pep-me-up anytime of the day. With main ingredients being Manuka Honey, Kowhai & pure NZ water, you can be sure this toner is hydrating. The packaging is really unique: it comes in a hexagonal-shaped bottle, and the spray is easy to use. However, the spray does tend to have its own mind and does not always apply to the area you want it to go to.

huni™ Every Day Soap (RRP $10.00) can be used over the face or body but I just use it on my body because I like to use a cleanser specifically on my face. Because I usually avoid bar soaps due to their drying formulas, I was really impressed to find a bar soap that proves otherwise. They come in a rectangular block which is the perfect shape to hold and lather it up using both hands. The product lathers rather well and actually leaves my skin feeling soft (not tight or drying like most bars). I prefer Manuka Honey because it does not have a distinct scent which means my skin is left smelling clean and not artificially scented.

huniâ„¢ Intensive Hydrating Mask (RRP $39.00) smells like a mix between honey and cinnamon. It is a super creamy formula that feels rich on the skin and absorbs quickly almost like a moisturiser - without the greasy factor. It is easy to use, just apply to the skin and leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse off. When on I don’t experience any tingling or discomfort, but I can feel it working on my skin. The result: my skin feels soft and smooth after each application, without any break-outs or skin issues. My partner likes the mask too – he has used it a couple of times on his normal/oily skin and it left his skin looking and feeling plump and best of all, he didn’t break out.

huniâ„¢ Every Day Body Wash (RRP $25.00)
From all of the Huni products I have tried, Every Day Body Wash is without a doubt my least favourite. Let’s start with the size of the product: for 250ml the price is too expensive for my liking. Every Day Body Wash highly disappoints because it refuses to lather up or foam, which makes me use the product like its going out of fashion… a bottle which should last about 50+ washes lasts around half of that, which again has me questioning the price factor. The scent is certainly not pleasant; it does not smell anything like other products in the range and does not remind me of UMF®20+ Manuka Honey (which it claims to contain).

huni™ Every Day Cleanser (RRP $39.00) is a creamy and lightweight formula, making it perfect for all skin types. While it is hydrating thanks to manuka honey and macadamia, Every Day Cleanser is not too creamy to cause breakouts and it does not leave a film on the skin. Instead, it leaves the skin feeling clean and soft. The scent is light and it reminds me of honey. Containing a funky hexagonal shape bottle, the product is released from a small pump at the top of the bottle (I recommend about 6 pumps to the face). In terms of cleansing: I used a bi-phase makeup remover before each application yet when I dry my face on a towel afterward, there are still traces of makeup and mascara, so while it feels like it is giving a good clean, I recommend using a good makeup remover before hand and cleansing thoroughly.

huniâ„¢ Every Day Moisturiser (RRP $45.00) After only weeks of use, I love everything about this nifty moisturiser: the funky yellow hexagonal packaging that features a pump is the first benefit. Why? One pump of this moisturiser seems sufficient enough to hydrate my face and decolletage easily. It comes with a lid to prevent any pump accidents, making it perfect for overnight stays. I love the lightweight, smooth and creamy consistency of Every Day Moisturiser (it seriously just ‘glides on’) – the consistency is so smooth and even that it is perfect for all skin types but especially normal to dry skin types. The light but yummy scent of Manuka Honey draws me in each time I apply it. I am so happy with the performance of this moisturiser that I have already recommended it to a friend and it is in my top 5 moisturisers (and one of my Holy Grail products).

huniâ„¢ Every Night Moisturiser (RRP $49.00) – there are so many things to love about Every Night Moisturiser. The pump produces the perfect amount for the face and decolletage, it smells like cinnamon toast (YUM!), the consistency of the product is hydrating without being thick, gluggy or suffocating on the skin. My skin loves it – Every Night Moisturiser absorbs quickly, feels super smooth and comfortable, and helped to improve the condition of my skin within a few weeks. I will certainly use this night cream again.

Cosmetics Cop Beauty Experts state honey as an ingredient proves beneficial in skin care, due to its amino acid, peptides and vitamin content. Honey helps to fight bacteria and has anti-inflammatory purposes.

For more information on huni™ and their stockists, visit their website.


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