Original Sin, Tasmina Perry

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Kristy McCormick

Think Sex and The City meets Danielle Steel. And that is pretty much what you\’ll get when reading Original Sin by Tasmina Perry. A story filled with designer clothes, sumptuous homes and exclusive restaurants Original Sin is a delicious tale of love, lust and secrets – big secrets.

Tess Garrett is a London tabloid editor disgruntled with her job. Unexpectedly an opportunity too good to refuse is offered. And so Tess packs her bags and heads off to New York, settling into an apartment in the very trendy West Village. Tess has taken a position as publicist to the wealthy and well-known Asgill family. Brooke Asgill, the much favoured younger daughter, is about to marry into one of the most powerful and influential families in America. Her fiancée David Billington is a successful TV news reporter destined for great things – hopefully the White House one day.

Meredith Asgill, the matriarch of the Asgill family\’s  cosmetics empire, wants the wedding to go ahead at all costs – but the most important thing is to ensure the Asgill family secrets remain just that. Because the Asgill\’s want nothing more than an association with the most powerful family in New York – especially one that seems likely to produce a president.

Once Tess gets to New York she quickly realises that keeping the dirty little secrets of the Asgill family out of the spotlight is going to be harder than she anticipated. With stories of drug rehab, sex parties, blackmail and old boyfriends of the bride-to-be all vying for the front page of the tabloids, Tess has her work cut out for her in ensuring the real secrets never see the light of day.

Filled with intriguing insights into the life of high society in Manhattan, this book is a glamorous and provocative read. It is always fascinating to read of the lives of others – and a life where the most important decision you make in a day is where to seat your dinner guests is so far removed from mine that it\’s always an escape to read a book like this one. The main characters might all have famous fashion houses throwing clothes at them, stately homes and private jets, but sometimes that kind of life and the things you have to sacrifice to get there may just not be worth it.

Original Sin is a big, juicy read – and at 532 pages it\’s Ornot the lightest book to carry in your hand luggage. But if it\’s a good, escapist holiday read you want – with all the glamour, scandal and sex that you\’d expect from a writer synonymous with ‘the blockbuster\’ then this is the book for you. And I\’d suggest you settle in with a nice cocktail…or a bottle of expensive champagne. Enjoy!

Available now: HarperCollins RRP$24.99


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