Natalie Bassingthwaite: Sunday Magazine 2010

| 21 March , 2010 | 2 Replies

Natalie Basingthwaite is also inside the Sunday Telegraph’s Sunday Magazine with Rihanna today (21st March) photographed by Holly Blake, and styled by Katrina Sheiles, entitled “Born to Perform“.

Natalie is one of our hardest working local celebs, she’s multi-talented from acting to singing, dancer to TV Host and and an upcoming role in Underbelly soon to hit our screens, but what we’re all talking about right now is her upcoming role as a Mum!

Nat glows inside wearing a variety of designers in a ‘country’ location, including Lonely Hearts, Cohen et Sabine, Manning Cartell, Wheels & Doll Baby and Acne.  The photos were taken when she was two months along and no-one knew (well except for her partner Cameron McGlinchey).

Inside Nat shares with Ceri David that she’s experiencing tiredness and sleeping a lot but not from overworking, she’s currently filming two days a week for So You Think You Can Dance although those two days are usually 14 hours long and she is away from her partner; filming takes place in Sydney and they are based in Melbourne.

Nat also shares that she was kicked out of pre-school because her and her sisters were very fussy eaters.  At pre-school they were told they weren’t allowed to have dessert unless they had eaten all their vegetables, so crafty Nat used to put hers under the chair of the boy who she sat next to successfully for two months  … this is a trait she doesn’t want her progeny to take on!

Images scanned by me, please link back to this blog if you want to use them!  Have respect for your fellow bloggers!

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    I agree … she seems so down to earth as well which makes her even more lovable! 🙂

  2. Natalie is so beautiful! Gosh, is there anything that girl can’t do?

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