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| 23 March , 2010 | 2 Replies

I was once again lucky enough to receive trial packs of Benefit’s newest product to hit our counters (April 18th) Confessions of a Concealaholic.  So I posted it out to my twitter followers to put their hand up to trial the portable Concealaholic\’s dream in a box and tell us what they think of it.

I have been using it too and I agree with some of the reviewer’s thoughts below that when I first received the little box, I was overwhelmed.  Working from home you don’t have to always put make up on, so I’m a little lax on that side of things and of course I leave everything to the last minute so am always putting my ‘face’ on in a rush, you cannot put your ‘face’ on using Confessions in a rush because you will do what I did and put the product in the wrong place on the face and it turns ugly!!

Until I get used to what each product does, I have to continually refer to the little instruction booklet but my favourite products are: Erase Paste and Eye Bright.  The concealers, Boi-ing 01/02 are just brilliant, they conceal your worst nightmare!  But for my eyes, I must concede I can’t do without my Stay Don’t Stray!  And I love the brushes, they are labeled so you don’t double dip accidentally!

To recap, the one-stop concealer shop comes with:

  • “that gal” brightening face primer
  • Boi-ing (01, 02) industrial strength concealer
  • Erase paste (no. 2 medium) brightening camouflage for eyes and face
  • Eye bright instant eye brightener
  • Lemon aid colour correcting eyelid primer
  • 4 concealer/brightener brushes
  • Step-by-step lesson

But read on to see what my twitter friends thought too.

Kimberley Santos: Pop Couture

Confessions of a Concealaholic – I must admit, I am not in this club of concealaholics. I probably should be – whilst I don\’t have blemishes to speak of, I do have splotchy, or uneven spots on my face that if I ever thought I could have a Cindy Crawford-esque gorgeous canvas of a face (with beauty spots to boot) I should be a conceal-aholic..

Benefit have made this as easy as possible, by consolidating, and making mini sample sizes of their best selling concealing, brightening, and priming products all in one.

The product opens up like a book, with a generous mirror on the left, and a colourful handy booklet on how to use each of the products, with best placement for each.

I must say, while this kit is there for ease and convenience, it can be overwhelming and intimidating all the same. Are you meant to approach it with – by God, I have to use all products, adding extra time to my makeup routine? Or do you use it sparingly – maybe one day, I\’ll just use the primer, one day I\’ll need to conceal with ‘boi-ing\’ or another day, erase paste will be my saviour.

Personally, my favourites from the kit would be That Gal primer. This has been my absolute fave primer to date – a brightening primer, it smells like strawberries and cream, and evens out my complexion unlike any other product I\’ve come across. Bo-ing (in the first shade) has such a lovely consistency, I think it is one of the best concealers I\’ve applied, because it blends into the skin easier, and creamier so that it doesn\’t cake on like a spack filler. And believe me, you don’t want that. Makeup should be minimal, makeup should make other people think you’re flawless, and ‘photoshopped’ without actually making an effort. Thus, concealers, and brighteners are meant to convey the ‘oh what, this old thing?’ stepping out in the public eye with flawless skin, highlighted in the right places, and deceitfully covering up blemishes that your hot co-worker down the hall will never know you have.

Benefit have it covered 🙂

Emily Doig: Tipsy Toes Shoes

The first thing you notice about the Confessions of a Concealaholic is how detailed the packaging is.  They have spend agggges working on this, it would have been a fun product to design, the downside is, the packaging so so bulky that you would never take it on the road, its just too big.

The sampler is laid out very well as you can see in the images and although it looks as though there isn’t much in the pallet, this will last for ages!

The other super cool thing about this kit is that each concealer has a different brush, that has been labeled. Awesome.  The booklet gives heaps of advice on each product and fills me with confidence when I start experimenting.

I must admit, I actually picked up a boing-eye brightener duo when I was queuing up in Sephora last year in New York. It was one of those impulse at the register (just for suckers like me) so I’m familiar with the product and how awesome it is.

The bo-ing comes in two shades which is great for summer and winter concealing. It works well and blends easily. id give it an 8/10

The eye bright really works. It erases last nights sins and gives the appearance of actually having slept a full 8 hours. 8/10

Lemon aid was amazing. Love it. Will buy the full sized version when the kit is done. 9/10

That Gal Primer did nothing in terms of concealing and actually caused a breakout on my cheek (go figure) smells good so it gets a 2/10

Erase Paste is great. Only need a really small amount, can be a little oily if you use too much. A great concealer when blended properly.

The verdict: The Confessions Kit is a great way to sample the benefit concealer range. Once you have decided on your faves upgrade to full size items and get rid of the clunky and bulky box.  Overall 8/10.

Jo Townsend: Jo Girl

Ask anyone that knows me, and they’ll tell you I don’t get enough sleep. So any new concealer on the market is good news for me. And a concealer pallet, well, happy days. And a concealer pack with THIS many concealers? Well, looks like we finally get to test the Too-Much-Concealer-Is-Never-Enough argument …

At first glance, Confessions of a Concealaholic is almost overwhelming – in a good way.

I delve straight in – using the little Diary-style pamphlet that comes with the pack.

Erase Paste is my first attempt – and I’m looking less tired already. Unlike other concealers, this one doesn’t look crepey after the first few minutes – instead, it gives me even coverage and actually looks like my natural skin tone – and for this pale mama, that isn’t easy to do. There’s a specially labeled brush for the Erase Paste which I like – so you don’t get it confused with all your other little brushes floating around in your makeup bag.

Boi-ing is next – straight onto a few red spots and blemishes. Does a nice job – nice and thick – works well for uneven colours.

I’m not a big primer gal, but the primer looks and feels good, as primers go.

And Lemon Aid and Eye Bright are occasional things to use only – fun to muck around with, but sadly, I’d take 3 minutes extra sleep instead of too much concealing.

Talia Lynch

My First Reaction – When I first saw the Confessions of a Concealaholic box online, I thought it was cute (of course – it\’s Benefit!) and also that if filled a niche I haven\’t seen covered before (hehe get it). When I first held the sweet little box in my hand, I was impressed, as always, with the packaging of Benefit products – sweet and interesting, for what is basically a box of concealers.

Am I a Concealaholic? Hmm, no, I don\’t think I am. However since being pregnant (I\’m sitting at 29 weeks now), I have discovered some unpleasant truths about my skin and how it reacts to pregnancy – the glow is a myth, the pimples are real. So are the dark circles (no sleep!) and the dry patches. And all this while I am being SO GOOD and drinking litres of water and loads of fresh fruit and vegetables. So cruel!

In the past, I haven\’t used much concealer, as I do find that most of them are too dry for my dry skin, so they cake and crack over the course of the day. However my skin texture is overall a little more ‘normal\’ since the pregnancy, without the overall dryness.

The Concealaholic box surprised me because it\’s essentially an entire kit dedicated to a mundane task such as concealing – most palettes rely on sparkly powders and dazzling pink glosses for their appeal. This palette just seemed so darn practical! Although I wouldn\’t have complained if it included a mascara and a pink gloss – then it really would be a basic face in a box!

Problems? Well, as with all palettes, you are bound to love something more than something else, and use said item to death, leaving you with loads of something else, and none of your favourite product. So, you go and buy a replacement in full size of the favoured product, but rarely buy the whole palette again. It\’s a good way to try out lots of new products at once, but I can tell you that after a week, I had pretty much used up the primer, and had barely touched the Lemon Aid. I recommend then donating the palette to someone who WOULD like the leftover item/s!

I also found that while I loved some of the products (the Boi-ing mix-and-match with the two colours is spot on for covering some hormonal breakouts without getting oily or cakey, and the ‘That Gal\’ primer is gorgeous for adding some ‘sleep effect\’ and radiance under foundation or tinted moisturised), I also really did NOT like the Lemon Aid – made my eyes look strange and jaundiced and dry – nor did I love the Erase Paste, mainly because it was much too dark for me to use under my eyes (I have fair skin).

Great things? The brushes are labeled! This is marvelous! My eyeshadow brushes drive me bonkers at home, because I always forget which brush / side / end has been used with which shadow, and end up accidentally dipping dark powder residue into a pale beige powder. I also like the simple neatness of the packaging – it is much easier than fishing around for 4 or 5 concealing products in my makeup drawer! I also loved the Boi-ing and the That Gal (see previous comments).

Tammerly Holmes, Pink Diva Beauty

Watch out ladies… you have some competition! Confessions of a Concealaholic is just the coolest (and niftiest) palette in town.

If you are obsessed with concealing your flaws or just need that little bit of extra coverage in certain areas then Confessions of a Concealaholic is for you! In fact, I think every woman should own one and here is why:

The cute pack looks like a diary and contains a mirror inside for touch-ups on the go. Two shades of heavy duty concealer Boi-ing makes the palette perfect for all year round when our skin tones change (and is perfect for the makeup artist).

A miniature version of the wonderful Erase Paste is shade 02 is in the kit – this is my Holy Grail of concealers out there. Originally a little gluggy, or pasty this wonder glides on the skin and brightens under the eyes, wiping out dark circles in seconds. Use a loose powder to give the formula extra hold otherwise you might find it wears off a little throughout the day.

‘That Gal’ is a fabulous primer that helps your base last all day. I like the smell and the pink formula is aimed to give your skin a subtle pick me up – a bit like a famous beauty balm on the market.

Lemon Aid is one of the first products I used when I started using Benefit. It conceals your eyelids, stopping those tiny blue and purple veins from discolouring your lids and your eye makeup – what a legendary idea!

Eye Bright is so handy because its subtle shade of pink works wonders on the inner corner of the eye towards the nose bone, where most of us experience shadowing (which creates the illusion of dark circles)  – so now I never have reason to make excuses to my lack of concealing or brightening because so long as I have Confessions of a Concealaholic I am always in control.

So there you have it lovelies … this concealer fix will be available from April 18. For more help, call the Confessions of a Concealaholic 24-hour tollfree hotline 1 (877) SHE-CONCEALS.

What do you think? Are you going to pop Confessions on your MUST HAVE list?

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    I am such a fan!

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    This is definitely going on my to-buy list! I already use That girl primer and erase paste and I love them both 😀

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