Victoria’s Secret Opening at Sydney Airport

| 26 March , 2010 | 26 Replies

Thanks to the hot tip from Elise from @StufThatIBought on twitter last night, I can now confirm (directly from Sydney Airport) that Victoria’s Secret will have a store at the Sydney International Terminal opening in 6-8 weeks.

Here is a photo of the upcoming store … I can’t tell you how exciting this news is … we love Vicky’s Secret and I can’t believe it’s taken them this long to get here!

Image courtesy of Sydney Airport

I am waiting to find out some further information if they are opening anywhere else, but sadly the shop location will be located AFTER immigration which means we cannot pop down there for a shop, it will be located in a lovely new forum area … so the only way you can access the goodies in this store will be to go on a holiday!

And more important will Miranda Kerr be coming back to Sydney to open the store?

OMG, I am soooooo excited!

Update 27th March: I have received confirmation from Victoria’s Secret’s parent company Limited Brands that our Australian store will be one of Victoria’s Secret’s Travel and Tourism shops. Travel and tourism is a retail model that has been used for the Victoria’s Secret brand. They are typically small VS stores focused on beauty and VS branded accessories.

I have asked Limited Brands if anymore stores will be rolled out in our airports across the country, I’m hoping for Melbourne at least and confirmation if any regular stores will be opening outside the airport but I suspect not, this is probably just a toe in the water to see how the brand sells here … so let’s get shopping girls and show them that we need stores in our malls! I know we have to travel to shop but it’s cheap to fly to NZ and back just to be able to stock up you know!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Update August: … I recently went through the international terminal and took these pics of the new store.ร‚ย  We’re still waiting for news if they are opening in the new Westfield Pitt Street Mall Shopping Centre.

Update:ร‚ย  12th December: Victoria’s Secret have now opened a landside store at Sydney Domestic Terminal 2 (read it here) and an airside store at Melbourne International Terminal.

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  1. Kristina says:

    Hi Just wanted to know if you have the victoria secrets Plaid Bikin bule or pink don’t mind, i have linked the two bikins to see the exact images that i am looking for.



  2. Sassi Sam says:

    Unfortunately it has opened airside in Melbourne Airport but Sydney Airport just opened the first landside VS store at Domestic Terminal 2, so I’m sure it won’t be long before it opens landside in Melbourne. I’m going through the Melbourne Airport on the weekend so will be taking some snaps for everyone. I wrote about the story here:

  3. Vicky Judd says:

    I heard on the radio this morning that victorias secret will be opening at Melb Airport lets hope it is not in the international part

  4. Sassi Sam says:

    Hi Dmitrii – yes if you are going through the Sydney International Terminal you will be able to shop at Victoria’s Secret … have a fabulous trip and have fun shopping.

  5. Dmitrii Sydney says:

    Hi! If i have a ticket for fly to dubai 10 th december- can i going now to airport and buy every ViktoriaSecrets?

  6. Sassi Sam says:

    The shop at the airport is different to online, I’m not sure if they would have those specials, sorry.

  7. silvia says:

    hello, i hope you can reply me, anw, does the price exactly the same with things via online?? i mean usually if we buy 3 body lotions, we will get special proce, around $25, so how about this store??

  8. Sassi Sam says:

    I think they had a really limited range, it’s been a while since I’ve been in the store.

  9. Sassi Sam says:

    I agree, I want a store outside the airport too!

  10. latai ngalu says:

    I love Victoria secret my flava is berry kiss but why can you guys put a shop so everyone can go because I do nit go on holidays that much and plus I am always telling my family to bring it from America and new Zealand and tonga can you guys do a shop so I can go and shop crazy at please and plus it hard to buy off your guys website because we can not ship in the perfume and that sucks well hope for a reply thank you

  11. Kolina says:

    I’m so happy that Victoria Secret finally here in Sydney.I always do my order on line…I love Victoria Secret’s body cream.

  12. Sassi Sam says:

    If you’re going to the US though it would be cheaper to purchase from them directly but enjoy the shopping experience, it’s only a tiny store. And have a great trip.

  13. niomi says:

    im so excited i will be going through international section in june so i will get to go and visit the store im so excited love the pj’s they are so comfy

  14. Sassi Sam says:

    They have clothes, underwear, and beauty products.

  15. Joy says:

    I’m really late in finding this out ๐Ÿ™ .. I might have to fly international from Sydney now on just to shop at VS ๐Ÿ™ .. totally sucks .. a question !! .. do they have clothes or just beauty products ?

  16. Maria says:

    Im from Melbourne and will be coming up to Sydney in a few days and was wondering if I will be at all able to have access to shop at the Victorias Secret store as I read above that only people travelling overseas are able too? ๐Ÿ™

  17. Sassi Sam says:

    Hi Linda,
    The only Victoria’s Secret store we have in Australia is the one at the airport and you can only purchase from it when you are travelling overseas. The only other option is to purchase directly from the Victoria’s Secret website but am not sure whether they will reach you in time for Christmas.

  18. Linda Tsardakidis says:

    can you please advise me on when and where the stores have Victorias Secret swimwear as i need asap for my daughter for xmas.
    please let me know im desperate for one .
    thanking you
    Linda Tsardakidis

  19. Sassi Sam says:

    I don’t recall seeing any, just underwear and a few casual wear clothing but I can’t really recall, sorry.

  20. Leanne says:

    Do they sell swim suits there?

  21. Sassi Sam says:

    Yes it’s just a travel & leisure store and is very small. I think they put them in the international terminals for tax purposes … but we are hopeful they will be opening one in the new Westfield Sydney CBD Mall ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jealous you got to go abroad, hope you shopped up a storm.

  22. Tracey says:

    I was just in this store recently, and very surprised to see it at the airport in Sydney. It is a small store. Their beauty range is just a small sampling of what the US stores stock – the beauty rush brands, some lip glosses, some perfume. The clothing/underwear side is just a small sample too. It was great to look around in there to get a sample of what I was about to see in the US stores. I think it would be so much better if they opened in a less restricted area of the airport. ie in domestic or before immegration. It is good though to see them here and i hope it is the start of many more stores.

  23. Jody says:

    This is so exciting!
    For years I’ve had to stock up at the US sale times when the Aussie dollar is strong to make the most of the gorgeous things on offer from Vic Secret.
    How nice that we can now finally buy these in Australia, even if it on our way out of the country.

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