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Like its predecessors, the latest So Frenchy, So Chic album, brings together a year\’s worth of trawling through festivals, airwaves, websites, blogs, record shops, iTunes and everything in between, to brings us the crème-de-la-crème  of French music – which can only be described as So Frenchy and oh-so Chic.

This year\’s treasure hunt for musical gems has come up with 34 winning tracks across a double album. Keep your ears out for Emmanuelle Seigner, the actress wife of controversial director Roman Polanski, who dishes out an 80s-esque slice of optimisn called Le jour parfait. You might also recognise another film star, Charlotte Gainsbourg, with her trippy electro number. And one to keep on repeat for a few renditions, will be Des que j\’te vois from Vanessa Paradis – most probably the best known pop starlet outside of France.

Aside from the big names, you\’ll meet a whole bunch of other surprises along the way, which will bring you through the ins and outs of the French soundscape with classic French hospitality. There\’s some 50s style retro in the mix, Ella Fitzgerald tones, jazzy dalliances, post punk bite, electro beats, dark songs and feel-good songs buoyant with hope and even some songs en anglais, so if you\’re itching to sing along, but don\’t know a word of French, then you can. That\’s just a snippet of the wide array of genres.

That said, leave a little room for some more excitement because this year So Frenchy will grace our TV screens when SBS will broadcast a series featuring artists from the albums, being interviewed and performing live. Hosted by Euro pop lover, Julia Zemiro, it should be a fun and entertaining accompaniment to the cd, whilst we wait for the next edition of So Frenchy, So Chic.

If you\’re a real fan, you might also want to check out the 2010 Alliance Francaise French Film Festival, of which So Frenchy So Chic, is the unofficial soundtrack:

  • Brisbane 17 – 31 March
  • Perth 17 – 31 March
  • Adelaide 18 – 31 March
  • Canberra 18 – 31 March

For more on the music visit, Cartell Music and for more on the festival visit,

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