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| 27 March , 2010 | 3 Replies

Ladies, meet the Tampurse from Orayo – your new best friend when Aunt Flo comes to make her next monthly visit. Stylish and functional, the Tampurse is a gorgeous little box purse for your tampons. What a glamboyantly girly idea? They not only protect your tampons, but they do it discreetly and fashionably too!

Check out the different designs that you can choose from. There\’s the sophisticated Vintage Glamour range, which stores eight regular tampons and is available in four classic colours, and the Starlet range which can store four regular tampons and shimmers in either gold or silver. These babies can also store mini and super tampons so you can be completely prepared.

Anna Paterakis and Rebekah Zougoulos from Orayo created these glamourous little purses, and of their nifty little accessory, they said:

“We wanted Tampurse to redefine how women store their tampons. To give women confidence that at ‘that time of month\’ their tampons will be always on hand, protected and easy to find.”

No more scrounging around the jungle in your bag while your tampons roll all over the place! And no more embarrassing moments when one rolls out! And no more freakouts when you realise that your last one is a dud!

Log on to www.tampurse.com and make Aunt Flo\’s next visit a whole lot more fashionable and less stressful!

Tampurse is available online retailing from AU$24.95.

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  1. Tammerly says:

    I’m LOVING these! Great article Sam

  2. Sassi Sam says:

    I know, of course I have to have the pink ones!!! 🙂

  3. Lindsey says:

    Can’t believe no one thought of this sooner!

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