Illuminate your skin with SK-II\’s new Cellumination range

| 29 March , 2010 | 2 Replies

SK-II has taken skin care to the next level with their new Cellumination range, which includes Beauty Essence and Deep Surge. It\’s so new, they had to come up with a new term to describe how it leaves your skin – aura-lucent. In other words, skin that is luminous, bright and has a natural aura about it.

Sound a bit airy-fairy? Well, actually, SK-II scientists found that luminous skin has a better quality of red, green and blue (RGB) light transmission compared to skin that is dull and lifeless. This is because together, these building blocks of the spectrum of colours create the ultimate clarity. So there really is no better word than ‘Aura-Lucency\’ to describe radiant skin.

SK-II promises aura-lucency with its high-precision skincare technology called the Aura Bright Cocktail. This potent complex controls your RGB balance and contains three naturally derived ingredients that work in synergy to give you glowing skin. One of those ingredients is the now famous, pitera, SK-II\’s signature ingredient that delivers unbelievably clear skin. The other two ingredients are De-melano P3C, which has shown unsurpassed skincare efficacy and the other ingredient is Talapewhite, derived from a species of plant in Madagascar which was historically used to treat burns, reduce the appearance of birth marks and skin pigmentation.

With years of research, sophisticated ingredients and high-precision technology to back it up, Cellumination is well worth a look in.

Here\’s a look at the pricetags:

  • Cellumination Deep Surge Moisturiser 50g RRP$200
  • Cellumination Beauty Essence 30ml & 50ml RRP$200/RRP$300

The new SK-II Cellumination Range will be available at SK-II counters at David Jones and Myer from April 1, 2010.

I am very lucky to have been asked to trial these products before they arrive on counter, I went into Myer in Sydney’s CBD to have my skin analysised with a ‘machine’ and will be heading back in there around mid-April.  I will show you the results of this trial including images of my skin and skin analysis breakdown so we can see if it does what it says.  So far I’m loving the texture of the creams, very lightweight but doesn’t leave my skin starving for more!

YOU CAN READ THE REVIEW HERE: Review: SK-II\’s New Cellumination Range.

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