The No Excuses Guide to Soul Mates, Stacey Demarco & Jade-Sky

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Natalie Aroyan & Monique Kinerson

The Journey to Finding Love…With No Excuses

Review by Natalie Aroyan:

I\’ve always been an old romantic, but the idea of having only one soul mate has always concerned me and seemed a tad unrealistic. What if I never found ‘the one\’ because I had spent years with the ‘wrong one\’. What if I caught the 8am train and my soul mate was waiting for me on the 8:15am?!

These are all things I\’ve worried myself about until one day last year a friend of mine invited me to “The No Excuses Guide to Soul Mates” workshop being held in Bondi. To be perfectly honest I was a bit skeptical and imagined a room full of desperate women looking for answers to finding the love of their life. A pretty narrow minded view looking back now…

Stacey Demarco, often referred to as “the thinking woman\’s witch”, and Jade-Sky the captivating psychic medium had me entranced from their opening. Their concepts made sense from the get go. The main message I took away from the workshop that has brought me relief ever since is that we are blessed with several types of soul mates in a life time…many may surpass several lifetimes. This thought made my old romantic heart flutter in hope and anticipation.

Now, you may be thinking…hang on a sec, I was supposed to be reading a review on a book and this is about a workshop. This workshop changed the way I think about so many things and when I was approached to write a review on the book based on those theories, it was like fate had stepped in. Perhaps you think I\’ve become lost in the ‘hocus pocus\’ of it all and maybe I have – but everything that Stacey and Jade-Sky refer to in this book makes perfect sense.

Apart from being a really fun book to read, the thing that I liked the most was that my garbled, scribbled notes from the workshop can now be binned! Everything I need to know about Soul Mate types, how to attract the man that I want to be with and even step by step instructions to spell casting are contained in this little gem. It\’s written in such a conversational tone that it feels like I\’m back at Bondi listening to these magnetic women speak.

Working through which soul mates I have and haven\’t found yet was a very cathartic exercise and my most recent ex got a very excited call from me when I discovered that we were, in fact, companion soul mates in every sense of the word! The workshop and this book helped me put a lot of things about previous relationships into perspective.

The only part that did lose me a bit was the spellcasting section at the back of the book. I have discovered that I am not destined to be a witch…as much as Stacey says that there\’s no ‘wrong way\’ to cast a spell, I think that if there is a way, I found it! I failed dismally…my herbs spilled all over the carpet, I nearly burnt myself with the candle and I\’m very surprised the smoke alarms didn\’t get set off! I\’ve now taken to just wearing my talisman (Pele – the Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes who offers you a healthy expression of emotions, fire and passion) or keeping her near me wherever I go instead.

One thing that I would like to note was the success I had with the ‘Soul Detox – Cutting the Cords\’ exercise. I was one of the lucky few chosen to do this in the workshop last year. It is also detailed in a very accessible and simple way in the book. I had been through a very toxic relationship that I didn\’t think I would ever get through. When Stacey called for volunteers, my hand shot up without my being able to stop it. I worked through the exercise in front of a room filled with strangers. As clichéd as it may sound, I can\’t explain the journey that I went through over the next few minutes as Stacey guided me through cutting the cords on this man who had consumed me for so long. Tears poured down my cheeks and I didn\’t even care that people could see me – I felt so sad at the end of the exercise but also as if a weight had lifted from my shoulders. Without going into details, this exercise helped me move forward in a way that I didn\’t think was possible. Regardless of how ‘witchy\’ you may think the concept seems – I implore you to try it if you need to get rid of excess baggage of any sort. It worked for me!

With easy to follow graphs and guides, this book is certainly one that I will be re-reading throughout the years…well until I find my romantic soul mate of course!

Review by Monique Kinerson

The No Excuses Guide to Soulmates” is a new book which offers a decidedly spiritual yet ‘tough love’ program to get the partner that you want and to stop making mistakes in love.”  Oh it is what I have been waiting for!  How many times do I say to myself ?  Well, I know I won\’t accept THAT again.  And I don\’t, but then something else pops up and I am like – what the?  How did that sneak in?  I was too busy looking out for the other thing and let this little blighter in and I am not prepared?  Where to next?  Honestly, dating is like a minefield sometimes.

Well, the Soul Mates guide has some answers which I found quite comforting.  From the historical intro regarding the monsters and myths of the heart to minimising barriers and learning about how to attract a soul mate – there is a little bit of something in there for everyone.  Now your cynics will say it is a load of hocus pocus – but for me – in a world where there is so much negativity – I am excited to read something happy and uplifting that gives me hope!  I think we all know, deep down, that there is no one true method by which to find a ‘soul mate\’ but we can certainly get some coping tools to help us along the way – this is where this book shines.

Be prepared for the psychic and witchy overtones – because the origins of this book are from two women with these origins!  I am partial to this type of thinking – having some Wicca relatives helps!  Positive affirmation is an element that rang true throughout the book and is something that we could all use.  Why not ask for what we really want in a partner?  It makes sense!  Instead of just hanging around thinking ‘Oh I wish someone would love me\’ – be the headstrong thinker in this!  Ask for what you want!  It makes sense when you think about it but sometimes we get so caught up in believing that fate holds all the answers, when really – we need to help fate out a little bit too!  I certainly wouldn\’t just ask a waiter to bring me whatever was available in the kitchen for dinner!  Why?  Because I know what I like, and why not order exactly what I want?

Stacey and Jade-Sky ask the reader to write down their list, to focus on their wants and desires and in a partner and to literally ‘ask\’ for that partner to be revealed.  Sort of like a shopping list – I never get what I want if I don\’t have a shopping list – sometimes it works out ok, but mostly, I end up getting things I don\’t need and forgetting what I really wanted in the first place.  I think we have all had a relationship like that?  Or two?

It is all about the journey and yes, we learn more and more from every relationship – blah, blah, blah – but if you are on the fast track to cracking this soul mate code – then this book will get you started!

About the authors:

Stacey Demarco

Stacey is one of Australia\’s most high-profile and trusted metaphysicists and spiritual practitioners. She appears regularly as the resident Metaphysical expert on the Kerri- Anne Show. Stacey was awarded the title of ‘Psychic of the Year 2009\’ by the Australian Psychics Association. She is the author of three successful books: ‘Witch in the Boardroom\’; ‘Witch in the Bedroom\’; and ‘The Coffee Oracle\’, all released internationally. She recently appeared on the hit TV program ‘The One\’ as an expert judge.



Jade-Sky is a psychic/medium – a direct channeler. She was born with the special gift of being able to connect clairvoyantly with energies of deceased loved ones.


2010: It\’s a new year; it\’s a new decade; it\’s the year for you to find your soul mate!

The No Excuses Guide to Soul Mates is available now:  RRP is $16.99

Natalie & Monique

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  1. jeanine moitozo says:

    I knew i was right,thankyou for answering my qeustion.

  2. Jade-Sky says:

    Hi Jeanine,

    Yes it is totally possible. We do have family members and soul mates that come back with us in family clusters.

    There are many cases that I have seen and experienced where partners have met up with each other and have remembered being together in previous lives. There is an instant connection.

    Best of luck and trust your instincts!


  3. jeanine moitozo says:

    i believe i was married in 1800 and we both died at separate times,now i believe i have found him again.Is this possible to happen ever?Have you heard of this before?

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